Super Natural Woman

Happy Halloween!

Words : Excerpt from Katherine's Diary

Oct 31 2002 12:30am

Happy Halloween!

As living lusciously will only have it, Super Natural Woman now has one more healthy addition to her loving rooftop nest. Upon carving into my first soon to be vegan meal ('Punky' - bright ball of energy - soon to feed this Super Natural family) one more magical morsel came to me...

If I can create a child (I did most of the work, anyway!) I can do anything!

Like the great pumpkin, we're all pregnant with possibilities. Our lives are wondrous works in progress. Precious Pieces of Perfection!

P.S. Remember to take a big bite out of life. I am!

P.P.S. My Mummy makes yummy raw pumpkin cookies and I eat them!

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