Super Natural Woman

Words : Rape And The Victor

Wed Sept 24, 2003

Katherine on bike Katherine Marion - From 'Victim to Victor'

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This Life I live is my Personal Success Story. Where once upon a time I may have clung to fear I now hold on to Hope. Love is the Pedestal from whence I speak. My only Responsibility in this World is to Tell The Truth and Honour The Light!

It's taken a lifetime to crawl out from one too many a darkened space. Now, it's Time To Walk Tall And Proud. Show My Smiling Face!

I welcome your comments and your Compassion. Yours is the community I Am Co-Creating with Consciousness and Caring. I am one more Brave Heart Giving Gratitude for all the Gifts and many Blessings this Supernatural single Mum continues to Receive each and every Divine day!

With Love And Laughter - Happily Ever After, - Katherine A. Marion xoxo

CityTV Interview (9MB, 2min) - due to popular demand!
Post CityTV Interview (6.5MB, 82sec)

Judge Not
T'was The Night Before...
A Lifetime
Phoenix Rising
What Hell Feels Like
The Child

My Love is The Light
Beauty and The Beast
No Rent, A Rapist, and Another Load of 'Dirty Laundry'!

Statements and Papers
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Kaelin's Artwork
Black White, Yin And Yang Peace, Yin And Yang, Rapist Black On White, Light, He's Black Your Blue, Everything, Blood And Love, Flower Of Love, Tears And Blood, Raped by a Skyscraper

This photograph of Katherine was taken on September 11, 2003 (1/200s @ f/2.8, no flash) with a Canon PowerShot S50 by Peter Jones.

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