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Katherine A. Marion

With Great Gorgeous Gusts of Gratitude,
Katherine & Kaelin


Date: March 9, 2022
You truly are a superwoman. And a complete genius and sending love yes first we have to learn how to put oxygen masks on our cells prior to attempting to help our children and in your case your son blessings and love to both of you. Still have fun memories when I first got a chance to connect both of you many years ago with the newspapers. Good night and happy 😀 Spring into March Forward.
Peter Sammarco
CanPeace Consultants Inc.


Date: September 29, 2012
I would like to thank you for creating such a great and useful site for homeschooling. I'm a mother of two little boys and I spend most of my time taking care of our home and a full-time job. Despite my busy schedule, I still find time to teach my kids at home because I think they'll learn more when they're not distracted by other kids. I've been looking for a great site that could help with the lessons when I came across your site. Let me tell you that it was great! Your website has a lot of useful resources and content about homeschooling kids. The links are great and I don't think I'll look anywhere else. Lots of thanks! I also found a site which I think can be beneficial to your visitors if added to your list of links. It's got good resources on homeschooling and content, too. I think it would make a great addition to your site. Here is the link: Many thanks and keep in touch. Warm regards,


Date: September 13, 2012
My dear dear Katherine,
It was so awesome to meet you tonight you radiant goddess! You walking oracle! :) So what I wanted to make sure you have noted somewhere - print this out is: You are amazing. You are such a gorgeous beautiful woman with strong medicine - make sure you take care of yourself. You are so beloved with such amazing great gifts to share with the world and I want you to know that the only way for you to do that is to first take care and honour yourself. A goddess deserves no less and we are so so lucky to bask in your light and your love - ME ESPECIALLY TONIGHT!!!!! :) LUCKY TO HAVE MET YOU, WHOooHOOOOooo :) You know where I got that teaching from actually is First Nations culture - the woman has to first take care of herself :) The man is supposed to take care of the woman. Each of them takes care of 7 things but just in different priority, it's so beautiful :) Love you magic beautiful spirit courtesan :)
Love love love, joanie :)
Ps. I think you would totally dig this becuase you know it: :)


Date: September 11, 2012
I want to thank you for creating such a great site on yoga for pregnant women. I've been looking for websites on the internet that have information on yoga for pregnant women because I've been told by friends that I could stay fit even if I'm pregnant. It was a good idea because I've been feeling a little sluggish lately and I feel bad about it. I'm so happy I came across your website. Your website has a lot of useful resources and content on yoga for pregnancy. It's also very easy to go through. Thank you so much and great job! I was able to find tips and more information on your site about the benefits of doing yoga even while pregnant and I've been doing it regularly. Suddenly I don't feel sluggish anymore and I feel better. I also found a link I think would benefit your readers. It�s got useful resources and content on yoga for pregnant women, and I think it would be a great idea if you could add this to your list of resources. Here�s the link: educational yoga pregnancy. I personally would love to see this small contribution on your site because you�ve helped me so much. Thanks again and keep in touch! Warm regards,


Date: January 18, 2009
Thank you so much! I'm in tears. Your support is so heart-felt...
I commend your courage and your determination to do the best for your son in the face of all the unimaginable opposition. You are in a position where you should receive only the greatest support, and instead you receive judgment. I see that you just keep on shining and the world just becomes more right and beautiful all around you! You are truly amazing! Yours in light,


Date: January 15, 2009
Greetings and Thanks soooo much for sharing your story with Pear! You are pure light. We are honored to add your voice to this next issue of Pear.
P.S. I'm having to read the article bit by bit, because my heart almost can't even take it. Feel a HUGE HUG from me to you. I am here pausing before I move on to the next part of the I can only imagine (or maybe I can't) -- how you felt. You are loved. Blessings, Blessings,


November 17, 2008, 3:33 PM wow!!! Just checked out your site/video! would Loooooove your story in Pear!!!!! Any help people can get in dealing with the child "protection" system would be great!!!! You are amazing!!!!!


Date: October 24, 2007
My eternal gratitude to you for opening your home, your heart and trust to me. It took courage and faith and living in love and trust, those keys to bliss.

I have enormous respect for your and Kaelin for being masters of your own lives, and feel a good deal of respect from you and Kaelin. As i see in you what I see in me. Much Love,


Date: Wed Nove 8, 2006
Good afternoon Katherine! I am so glad that we met and had the opportunity to talk last night at the gym! It is so wonderful to know that there truly is kindred souls among all that are lost! I have looked at your site and it brought a smile to my face, your writing is very touching and inspirational! I loved all of the articles and the pictures, especially the one with you and your beloved son kissing on that beautiful day in the flowers! It is very refreshing! Most of the time you see parents that have no joy, acceptance and patience for their children... what I am getting at is that I could see why someone would want to be cruel and try to take that away from you, because they are lacking in it and in this society, the 1st thing one does is to TRY and take peoples power for their own! I call them psychic vampires! Take care and BRIGHT BLESSINGS to you and yours!
-Kristina "Silent Spirit".


Date: Thursday, 18 Mar 2004
I love your site and your writing is always such a treat. You remind me of the importance of taking the time to see the beauty and love already around us - in every flower and every smile. Thanks Katherine for being so true to who you are and for knowing that it's important to share who you are with all of us mere mortals. On this International Women's day I am honored to know and to give praise to a real Super Natural Woman - a Force for all that is Good, Beautiful and Pure.
Yours Truly and Gratefully,
Carlton Parfitt
Third Wave Consulting Inc


Date: Tue, 16 Mar 2004
Dear Katherine,

".... i really applaud your efforts, and commitment. it is a rare breed that knows what he/she wants and moves the world to make it happen !"


Date: Mon, 8 Mar 2004
Happy Woman's Day to a Super Woman!

I love your site and your writing is always such a treat. You remind me of
the importance of taking the time to see the beauty and love already around
us - in every flower and every smile. Thanks Katherine for being so true to
who you are and for knowing that it's important to share who you are with
all of us mere mortals. On this International Women's day I am honored to
know and to give praise to a real Super Natural Woman - a Force for all that
is Good, Beautiful and Pure.

Yours Truly and Gratefully,

Carlton Parfitt
Third Wave Consulting Inc

Date: Sun, 7 Mar 2004
Hello Katherine!
It was nice meeting you yesterday at the West End you are so full of energie!  Thank you for the cookie!  It was mmmmm delicious!  You should put the recipe up on your site
Ma. Marise Vachon  Qi Wellness
Your personalized path to vitality


February 28, 2004
Hello Katherine,

I?ve just retrieved your email from our server?s deleted mail site. I?m afraid Radiant Communications read your email as junk mail Katherine!

I have perused your site a couple of times, as a result of emails that have managed to reach me, and am aware of some of your recent challenges with the justice and welfare system (as well as Glassman Management; I lived in the building that your balcony overlooks, across from Lost Lagoon, for five years coincidentally). I admire your passion and willingness to share your journey with all who are interested.

As of two weeks ago, Sonya Weir transitioned out of Shared Vision as our editor, having been replaced by Jeannine Mitchell. We are all thrilled with the direction she will move the magazine. Any decisions around the editorial is obviously her domain so I will suggest you touch base with her with any suggestions that way. I would welcome an opportunity to meet with you to exchange thoughts and ideas about this collaborative mission to raise consciousness, or to discuss whatever else might come our way. It may also facilitate a meeting with Jeannine after she is able to catch her breath, get her bearings and move forward.

Thank you for thinking of us and for your support ? individuals like you have been the foundation our longevity. I look forward to hearing back from you at your earliest convenience. My best to you and your son.

Warm Regards,
Wayne Soroka
Publisher Shared Vision

Friday, February 27, 2004
have a great bod. Turned on, tuned in and dropped out. I'll see you around sexy lady. Have a beautiful day. zyryo

Date: Sat, 21 Feb 2004
A heroic ? woman!
Victoria with Lots of Love
Victoria Boutenko - Registered Nurse, Raw Food Author and Lecturer

Wednesday, February 25, 2004 7:58 AM
RE: All The Breast from one more Supernatural Mother

This is a very striking image. I have forwarded it to our designer.
Thanks for sharing the "supernatural" aspect of breastfeeding.

Ashisha, Articles Editor -


Saturday, February 22, 2004

Hi, I'm called Michael, in Alaska at this moment. I was a member of NFL a few yrs ago as a chef and was just passing thru the web-site and wanted to say thank you for what you are and all that you are creating with your love......Namaste
Love Michael


Saturday, February 21, 2004 12:52 PM

Hi, i bet you have a very nice bounce to the ounce and enough serenity in your soul to accept this in joy and show me everything unconditionally, Jus..... i am in the mountainous jungles, close to waterfall, spain and the med, you must come here you will love it and involved in a loving echo village project etc...i want you...if you want me and then i want to free myself of ego and be your guardian angle to bliss and the reveolution...kiss, chris


Gary Miles - Sat, 21 Feb 2004
You As usual, your penetrating reflections on life are always an inspiration. Keep up the good work!

In Health,


Saturday, February 21, 2004 12:49 P.M.
Dear Katherine,

Hi Katerine, congratulaion for your web site. Nice words and work. I'm Natural Hygienist ( 37 year old) and Doctor of anturaopthic Medicine...I live in Italy...and I try to open very soon my natural hygiene retrat. I write you because I like send my bless for all wonderful worl about natural approach Excuse me for non my good English..but I'm sure that you can understand all my words Nice day God bless you and your way in HEalth



February Feb 16, 2004
you have a friendly smile, cool style, and i like what you wrote. Gregory

Date: Mon, 16 Feb 2004

Hello Katherine, "still the Greatest " thank you for the enlightning lines and good wishes, all the happiness and angels blessings to you also, haven't seen you for a while now, hope that will change, as I miss your sparkling spirit.

Love and Hugs

Mon 2/16/04 11:38 AM
Katherine Marion

You are certainly a supernatural wonder woman. I feel your words as a luscious banquet for my mind and your images are an exciting repast for my eyes. I will spend more time reviewing your site, but I am most impressed with your outreach. The pool of raw fooder personages is very few, particularly if you are only interested in the For Real! That is why I founded this pleasure park, as a sanctuary for true hearts to play and prosper without concern for toxins and negativity. I am a firm believer in the sanctity of motherhood and wish to congratulate you on your great approach, your child is most blessed. I hope to meet you one day and am encouraged that perhaps I have been contacted by a friend for life. As you say we look forward to miracles and joy, the search for life's treasures is the only game I wish to join, so I am expectant of glad tidings and much sharing of the essential stuff of this world.
Aloha, Trees

Hi Katherine,
My name is Cristina and I'm a worker at Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter. We just received your e-mail about "A Valentine Worth Watiting For", thanks for the film recommendation. I get from your e-mail that you want to help the women who call our 24 hour rape crisis line and transition house, and you thought this video was one way to inspire all of us here. Another way we have found to fight male violence against women is to work in the transition house and on the crisis lines. We have a training group that runs weekly for all women who want to help and I hope you'll consider giving us a call to register. Also, if you or any women you know can use our rape crisis lines or transition house for women who are escaping male violence, then please pass our number along.
Thanks, Cristina
Vancouver Rape Relief and Women's Shelter
Vancouver Rape Relief & Women's Shelter


12/28/03 - Hey Katherine,

its Benjamin one of the guys you met at the beach. I'm writing you to firstly to thank you for making the beach suprising & enjoyable,secondly to give you my friends
email adress cus I gave you the wrong one (mine got cut cus I never checked it, Im computer illiterate ) its ***

In addition to all this I really felt your energy Interesting & attractive so I had to check your sight and though I havent read thru all of it I gotta send my respect and apprieciation to you for doing something positive with your time and energy.

In a world where most have lost their passion for individual expression its a breath of fresh air to see what your doing.

Though we shared few words ,eyes never lye and they spoke of an intriguing chemistry... we are all travellers teaching each other learning from each other about each other,no matter what world we come from,take part in or are destined in reading a few of your verse's I find another perspective, new eyes for the world to be seen from even when we share similiar feelings or thoughts. The pictures of you showing your beautiful shapley body (I cant lye) attract me, but not just because of your sex appeal but because of the strength you show within liberating your provacative sensuality so gracefully. Perhaps one of the most beautiful human characteristics is our necessity and ability to connect mentally,spiritually and physically thru art, art being a body of poetry or art using our bodies as poetry so on and so forth... so I write you this as I feel there are many possabilities we can explore if open to the experience of sharing with each other our would be great if we could be in touch thru email or phone and perhaps hang out and chill I would love to read you some of my works I have compiled over the years and learn more
about you.I am currently working on two seperate albums and a video poetry project ,aside from working of course. It aint hard to tell we are both very busy people but it would be awesome if we could take a day to see where the day takes us...

P.S. I tried sending a similiar copy of this earlier but it got lost on delivery(again I'm computer retarded).

P.P.S. its 6 am the sun is rising and its gonna beautiful friday. (I work at Nikie&Lolas spanish food restaurant and we have live jazz every fridays you should stop by sometime and suprise me)

P.P.P.S. my brain is inside out and if I continue typing all that will follow will be nonsensej hjfihigrighlikhglkn/kfglgkjhf/l..............tee hee tee hee Enjoy the day=)


"Hello Kathryn,

I admire your courage and stamina. I am awed by you life experiences and am encouraged by you taking back control in your life! I have many fond memories of our friendship. I wish you every success in life! You deserve it! I hope this finds you and your son well and in good spirit. Take care now.
PS I missed you at the 25th High School Reunion held Aug 23 2003

All the best to you" - Bev October 9, 2003

"Katherine (Kathy)

Don't know if you remember me although I do remember you. I came across an old slide no too long ago I had taken of you when you were in a fashion show at the Chilliwack Mall more than a few years ago. Last time we spoke was at the Save-On Foods in Chilliwack. You gave me your phone number and I did call when I was in Vancouver. You were busy however and we did not get together. The last time I saw you (not counting a picture in The Province) was walking down a street in Vancouver. I went around the block but you had turned off somewhere so I did not get the chance to say hello.

I saw your article in The Progress and read it. I am glad for your victory although I agree that the person mentioned should never have gotten out in the first place. I also hope that you are doing okay and things turn out better for you. I am glad to read that you have a son and, from the little time we spent talking, I know that you have a lot of love to give. Perhaps one day we will meet again and you can meet my kids. If you do not remember the name hopefully you will remember my face. I used to chat with you at KMart and you came over to my place to have your taxes done. My mom thought it was interesting how you made a little pile our of the cookie crumbs on the table cloth. I also remember ginvg you a couple of rides and helping you slip in through a window when you were locked out of your place once.

Well, I will keep my fingers crossed for you and I did take a look at the web site which I found quite interesting. I will certainly take a look from time to time. I rarely forget people that I liked and I did enjoy knowing you way back then. Take care." - Jeff October 9, 2003

"Hi Katherine.

My name is Doug, and I saw your story in the Chilliwack Progress. We're about the same age as I too graduated from Chilliwack Senoir in '77. You looked vaguely familar in your photo, and even the photo in the paper looks very familiar as I was raised only a few blocks from the same location. Although our paths no doubt passed back in those days, whether on our bikes on the street, or the hallways at school (I was a painfully shy nieve kid in the back of the class too busy with my studies to know what was happening in the "real scarey world"), somehow you reach a sensitive chord in my heart.

I don't know quite what has inspired me to write, other that I'm amazed at the number of times I've come across stories so much like yours, with women who have kept the pain, guilt and shame hiden inside for so many years. I was a very lucky child as I was never exposed to such trials and tribulations, but somehow felt a connection.

I just wanted to congratulate you in your successes, and your ambition to help others. Your story was most moving, and it seems you've found your purpose in life, something I'm embarrassed to admit I have not yet found.

All the best Katherine for a continued happy peaceful jouney for you and your son, and all those those lives you've touched." - Doug October 9, 2003

"Dear Katherine,
I was drawn to your beauty on the front page of today's paper and read your story and now at 1:51AM Wed morning I am typing you my thoughts. I am 51 years old now have been single for just about 11 years after an 18 year marriage that brought me three children. A 23 year old son who has always stayed with me and 20 & 18 year old daughters who have been living with me for the last few years. I was born in Chilliwack and lived her most of my life and was sad to read about your young life and what happened to you. I worry about my daughters and like to think that won't happen to them. My youngest daughter Nancy wants to be a model and I just recently signed her up at John Casablancas Model school and I go down to Gastown with her on Thursdays for her course. I read about your diet of raw food and it seems like a lot of work to me and a lot of thinking ahead as to where or what you will eat. I usually eat in a restaurant and have put on weight over the years even though I work on my heavy equipment in the shop. I wish I had a lady like yourself that would be my diet manager on a daily basis that could keep me on the straight and narrow.

I think you have written some lovely poems and I felt sad for your boy as I gather from reading your poems that his father is not involved much in his life. I took my son along with me from walking stage up when every I could. In the last month he started staying with his girlfriend and now in the night his bedroom door is open when I go to the washroom and I feel sad that he is gone and yet I feel happy that he has found someone to love. I read between your lines of your poems and it seems like you are still waiting for your son's father. I know what that is like and my heart goes out to you I hope you will work it out, but sometimes it never works and you have to move on. I have tried with a couple of ladies but have come to realize that sometimes you are better off single and lonely then living under the heavy burden of stress and disappointment. I will keep my heart open for that special lady as I know there is no better life than having a loving relationship and sweet kisses and hugs at night and to fall a sleep holding your lover. My wish for you is that you continue to reach out as you will one day find that harmony you are looking for and a role model for your son that will help you in raising him to live a good life and bring joy to all. I would like to thank you for your words and your beauty and if ever you feel like dinner in Gas Town on Thursday night let me Know as I would like to meet you and learn more of your view on dieting as you are a great example of perfection at the age of 43.
All I can say is wow!" - Gordon October 8, 2003

"I am sorry to learn that you too have been a victim of violence . It is a very long and heavy road to carry and unfortunately all too many of us are walking that line. It is terrible that we live in a world where people who steal such a large part of a person can go free and not be held accountable for the enormity of the act, I'm sorry but a few years behind bars for such crimes doesn't cut it for me. I unfortunately had the same sort of thing happen to me and it hasn't left me yet and I've been going to councelling for ten years now. I was raped as a child so I guess I'm s.o.l. in terms of fixed the dreams are always there and the never ending feeling of shame can be dibilitating at times but we carry on for the hope of our beautiful children. I released a cd 2 years ago dedicated to child abuse and as a testimony to the emotional loss aquired through such tragedy. I hope that this person does not have the chance for freedom because by the sounds of it you are still not free of this crime so why should he be. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time." - Tone September 17, 2003

"Congratulations on your web site. I am struck by the beauty you see and capture in many of those moments others may not even notice while living their hectic and sometimes unconscious lives.

No single mother of a young son is without many stressful challenges which require undivided attention but you seem to retain enough focus to see the world around you with an expanded field of vision.

While you express some struggles and trying times in both your articles and poetry, you present a humorous and often satirical account of your current reality retaining enough clarity and the unsaid knowledge that any state is a temporary state and that the situation you are referring to has a limited life span a will soon be over.

I am writing to congratulate you on your courage to present yourself and your life to the world in such an intimate manner. It is difficult for even the most courageous to tell their most beloved and trusted friends many intimate details about their lives and you are willing to share these truths with the world at large.

Your most recent articles regarding being victimized in a violent crime have prompted me to write this message because of its importance in empowering other women to speak more openly about their own experiences following these atrocities.

Far too little is said publicly without shame and guilt that is often associated with these tragic events, a subject that is clearly not the most appealing of conversations. Ignoring the uncomfortable nature of these stories you continue to produce provocative and thought provoking look at the longer term and short term impacts external influences have on your life. The more women who speak out about surviving and thriving following these events the safer it will be come for other women and the less society will protect the offenders of these crimes. Far from shovelling this storey under the rug with shame you present it with the pride of only a victorious person can accomplish.

This is no small feat is not going unnoticed, and I hope you keep up the good work as I know it is done with little reward..

As the intent of this message is to support and highlight your accomplishments and not to bring any attention to myself, I hope you will honour my request and simply use my internet username if you present this on your site." - BondLight September 12, 2003

"I was just browsing your website and felt compelled to write you an email. I don't know what a supernatural woman is. But reading your articles I am getting an idea. The first image on your site is the one of you at Stanley park, and it certainly give an first impression of what a supernatural woman may be. But reading your articles, the bond you have with your sun, the pain and happiness you have had in your life. It becomes clearer. Supernatural is living life naturally with nothing to hide.

Your site is not negative or positive. It just celebrates life. One can take from it what they want. I enjoyed our web visit. I has given me much to think about. I wish you well." - Surinder September 11, 2003

"Katherine, spending time with you was an illuminating that I shall not soon forget. Your broad insightful knowledge was compelling, motivating and challenging, thank you! You dignified courage and strength in a most personable and delightful manner. I hope you continue to foster and nuture your infectious enthusiasm, and your internet site." - Edward August 18, 2003

"Love your look great..." - Chef Manuel Otero August 13, 2003

"Hi Katherine! Thank you for all you advises. I love to meet you anywhere bacause you make me feel good and positive in life.

You have very good perception sense regarding people and is good that you use that to help them.

I'm glad to meet you." - Tricia Guerrero August 6, 2003

"Hello Katherine well done with the website, looks like were much alike, you put your heart and soul into everything you do it is good to see . . ."- Gregory Dash August 6, 2003

"Good Morning Katherine! I heard you this morning on MOJO, what a riot! That whole morning crew are sooo much fun, I've been on air with them a couple of times promoting my store (Ultimate Amore) and always have had a blast!" - Darrell Rodgers July 25, 2003

"I briefly spoke to you this morning on the seawall, i was the dad with my son and his friend on bikes,around the yacht club. i wanted to chat with you some more, but you were on a mission, and sped off. I remembered your website, so i am writing to you now. I see that you are a single parent as well(great isn't it).You sure are fit, it's obvious that you take very good care of yourself, and exercise often. ... your website... is put together well..." - Gary McKay July 22, 2003

"I must say how much I enjoyed meeting you on Saturday July 19th at Carol's bazaar on Comox Street in Vancouver! It was a truly exhausting end to a three day conference and I was walking back to my hotel room when I stumbled across the bazaar and met you, your son and photographer! I did recognize you from your website that I visited a week prior to my visit to Vancouver. And I enjoyed the health links, positive affirmations and information about Vancouver for my 6 day stay in your city. But, what I enjoyed most about the website is that I have lost 35 pounds and I wanted to maintain that weight loss while away from home and your website allowed me to do so by using the health links and positive affirmations! Thank you!

For those of you who have not had the pleasure of meeting Katherine in person as I did last Saturday, I can assure you she is a beautiful person. Katherine has a way of embracing you with her positive spirit and vivacious energy. I truly admire what Katherine is doing. She is comfortable with her body, herself and those around her. And in a world where there is increasingly negative outcomes to societies lack of accountability I must say that Katherine maintains her accountability by living what she states in her website. She is the real thing. She projects positive warmth and an inner peace to whom ever she meets.

She lit up my dreary day and gave me warmth and inner peace my soul will always remember." - Jane Seawell, July 21, 2003

"Just wanted to say hi and I checked out the web site, its very encouraging would love to be able to talk to you again. I dont know if youll even remember me I was at the beach while you were doing a photo shoot I wish we could have talked more but my little girl keeps me on my toes..." - Kelly Jacobson, July 18, 2003

"I am the gentleman who received the gift of meeting you last week at the edge of the golf course, in the rhododendron garden. I have spent some time since then thinking about our meeting and visiting your website. I am intrigued about your lives, souls, sense of wonder, enjoyment and celebration you live each breath with. I like how you view the world, that you share and spread love as you journey.

Kaelin, I like your curious, inquisitive nature, and that you have forthright confidence in yourself. You are ferociously hungry for knowledge and turn your experiences into valuable wisdom.

Katherine, your words, images and style are awesome. You create from your soul, you share with your heart. Your honesty is profound.

I believe that people often meet for reasons that are not apparent at the time. I hope we have the opportunity to share more about our paths, thoughts, feelings, and laugh joyfully while dancing with the sun, sky, trees, ocean and our senses of wonder." - Jim Frith, July 16, 2003

"Pic's 5,9,10 & 12 are my faves so far (Poster Candidates)! I finally had time to check out your site! Are the market pic's going to be on soon? Good site by the way looks very professional! See ya at the market!!" - Tara, July 15, 2003

" your website very sophisticated and supernatural. I was thinking about what you were saying the other day and it sure makes alot of sense to not spoil something that is so pure and innocent. You are truly a special person who has a very important message and your child kaelin seems to be just so loving and wonderful. It obviously takes good mothering to raise a boy so fine as your own. Katherine, you were saying that you wrote your own poetry. I'd love to hear you read some to me when you've got some time, maybe by the pool or something. If you like I could read some of mine to you. I would just like to say how much I appreciated your thoughts and advice the first time I met you.
p.s. Life is like a puzzle and you are the missing piece." - Roberto, July 12, 2003

"I really felt your energy Interesting & attractive so I had to check your sight and though I havent read thru all of it I gotta send my respect and apprieciation to you for doing something positive with your time and energy. In a world where most have lost their passion for individual expression its a breath of fresh air to see what your doing. Though we shared few words ,eyes never lye and they spoke of an intriguing chemistry... we are all travellers teaching each other learning from each other about each other,no matter what world we come from,take part in or are destined in reading a few of your verse's I find another perspective , new eyes for the world to be seen from even when we share similiar feelings or thoughts. The pictures of you showing your beautiful shapley body (I cant lye) attract me , but not just because of your sex appeal but because of the strength you show within liberating your provacative sensuality so gracefully." - Ben, July 11, 2003

"I've enjoyed looking at the images on your website.....I wish there were more. Anyway, I can't wait to see the images of my belly that you captured yesterday at the pool." - Jackie, July 10, 2003

"Kind Karing Katherine...thank you so much for the lovely card and I would say someone is very talented! How thoughtful it is for to share this with me and how much I enjoyed it - thanks again..." - Lisa, July 4, 2003

"Great job..on your site...I had a chance to look it over...more..great photos..and articles..keep up the great work.." - Alexis, July 4, 2003

"...thanks, you were a breath of fresh air, obviously a confident happy person. I just visited your web site and it is very cool. I did your puzzle, it was fun, I have never seen anything like that before. Anyway thanks." - Howard, July 3, 2003

"Dashing pictures Marion!" - Karl, July 2, 2003

"... was great to bump into you at the beach on sunday. always good to reacquaint with the beautiful woman with a big heart... checked out your website on all things katherine - good stuff!" - Brian, July 2, 2003

"I'm a sucker for a woman with brains and a fearless sense of humour and I would love to talk to you again some time." - Harry, June 24, 2003

" I loved your photo web site. It was very professional and artistic. I will look at the supernatural one soon." - Tasha, June 23, 2003


"Impressed "
Katherine, I met you 2 wks ago at English Bay,when they had the fire balls going, I was with my cousin Wayne,I am
******Your web sight was very impressive.*****
You are very good at what you do.
Maybe i,ll see you & Kaelan again. - Saturday, June 21, 2003 3:34 PM


Hi Katherine:

Thanks for coming into the shop. We had a look at your website and it is great ........

David Brawner - Thursday, June 19, 2003 7:03 PM

"Just wanted to say hello and thank you for your advice and for being so inspiring (in spirit) and full of life and energy! It is always a pleasure to talk to you you, to listen to your stories and to share our stories together while staying in shape! YAY!! Your website is FABULOUS and so are you! Thanks for all your advice on raw foods and on everything, really!" - Audrey, June 16, 2003

"I'd love it if you would do a review of my work on your site. You have some very positive energy, like the feelings of growth and beauty; when I look at your photos, I experience blooming flowers." - Gigi, June 16, 2003

"Hi Katherine - I'm going to enjoy receiving your email - it's so positive. Julio and I left you and your friend on Wednesday feeling really happy - so it's nice that you give off that energy. Thank-you for writing that you appreciate my help in Capoeira - I'm going to remember that...

I have some time right now so I'm going to your website. ...I think of you all the time because everytime I eat I have a new way of eating to think about - I'm eating raw a lot - but not everything. The thing is that I'm getting a lot of good results from raw food. When I first read the book (Eating Without Heating) I recognized that it was a healthy way to eat because it didn't break any of the rules of healthy eating I've been learning about (no hydrogenated oil, no heating of oils, no dairy, etc.). I'll see you later! " - Resha, June 16, 2003

"Yours is a very interesting site indeed. Some details demonstrate a lot of web knowledge and general internet-savvy. And the content is like nothing I've ever seen. Pretty remarkable altogether." - Jovan, June 11, 2003

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"Thank you, it looks so nice, as far as I can see in you, you are a very nice person, one to develop a good friendship. You are great. Thank you so very much for the Easter Gift---your image and your daughter." - Alberto, May 6, 2003

"Wow!!! Thank you for that beautiful photo.. Boy are you two gorgeous.. Happy Easter too" - Alexis, April 21, 2003

"Your webpage is fantastic....really nice with lots of great pictures...information...and beautiful thoughts. You put a lot of work into it...congratulations." - Manuel Otero, April 21, 2003

"Thanks for your beautiful (as always) photo & easter wishes - same to the both of you - and keep up the good work - great talking to you earlier today " - Al Tanzer, April 20, 2003

"It was great to meet you on the Beach in Stanley Park. I just checked out your web site and think it's Fabulous!!! You definately have a wonderful outlook on life and it shows in all that you do!" - Heather Miller, April 19, 2003

"Me and my girlfriend just wanted to say that we really like what your doing and would love to see the picture you took of us downtown. thanks" - matt, April 18, 2003

"Wow, is what I thought when I saw you this evening and a double wow after seeing your site. Not only gorgeous but intelligent and spiritual too. What a combination what a super woman." - Guy, Apr 14, 2003

"I really had an excellent experience talking to you yesterday. You are so beautiful and even more intelligent." - Raul, Apr 3, 2003

"Pleasure meeting you today... Great site! Excellent pics..." - Rajiv, Mar 29, 2003

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"... Your website is most informative unlike many other sites that tend to be vague or difficult to maneuver through. I can't help but smile as I sense the warmth that was put into the creation of yours." - Letti, Mar 7, 2003

"We met at the Vancouver health show. I did check out your web site, very nice, great photo's!!!!!" - Keith D. Ridd, Mar 5, 2003

"Enjoyed meeting you at Kang Ling massage booth at the Wellness Expo today. I liked your energy. Went to your website and liked both it and what it expressed about who you are! The poetry was awesome. Is it all yours? ...Enjoyed crossing paths - you have great energy!" - Wayne Nattrass, Mar 2, 2003

"I check out your website with links, store, words everything, you are such a photogenic being, very voluptuous I have to say, very womanly, I love it. Your shots are beautiful of you and with your precious son in it, the one at Stanley Park, I love that. Who ever put the website together, was it you? did a great job it is easy to get around and clear. Your words are beautiful, with lots of feelings resonating between the lines, your article about raw is wonderful, I think you are doing incredible things, but what else is there to expect from an incredibly talented woman. Thanks for sharing your website with me. lots of Love" - Wilma, Feb 27, 2003

"Pleasure running into you as always. Great website ! It makes what I said to you even more apparent: You came here to live out loud. Cheers" - Daniel, Feb 5, 2003

"I read your diary about Falun Dafa in your web page; it is very beautiful and thoughtful, thank you." - Mansour, January 29, 2003

"You were there when I was faltering. You walked with me in unison, the Spirit of Love. Thank you for walking with me. Katherine you are strength, and fearlessness personified?truly a gift from God. In your words, rang my story. In your conviction, my courage thickened. In your wellness, my body begins its course to remedy. God Bless You?may Santa be good to you!!" - Shafin Karim, Jan 24, 2003.

"Let me just say that you're an inspiration for all of us who aspire to be supernatural. Through your stories and photographs, I strive to live a lifestyle as clean and sin free as yours. Let me also congradulate you on your beautiful image and your gorgeous young child. Please keep in touch as me, as my friends and I consider you a local legend! Thank you for giving me something to believe in." - Gordon, Jan 2, 2002.

"How fortunate to have met at the SM festival on Nov.11. We spoke at the table of events outside the theatre after the show. To have laughed and blushed at your openness, I saw what joyous spirit you barely contain. I have just returned from filming the wilderness and wanted to write to you as soon as I found a keypad. So richly fulfilling your life laid out on the website, I wrote my family and friends to view earnest pursuit of natural purity of being. With considerable care of beautiful child and family, I found we share many attitudes in living out every year of vital essence in a natural domain. I gush further later. You mentioned your birthday party in January; I thought I don't appear my 29 years, you age not at all. Contact me again as you wish, even to recall who I am and becoming! Bless your Mother in her discomfort in hospital and continue your chosen path; I reckon your method of living shall find many more to come. As is Isis, Andrew." - Andrew Pepper, Vancouver, B.C., Dec 17, 2002.

"I really enjoyed our conversation and time chatting health together. You are very special, and unique. You 'lit' up my life tonight." - Rudy, Prince George, B.C., Dec 8, 2002.

"I met you last night at the YMCA. I'm taking a moment to let you know how much of an inspiring woman you are. Speaking with you last night was quite an experience. I believe you deserve the best of all worlds. Being through what you've been through (And I don't claim to know how that was) you must be incredibly strong to overcome such atrocities. Many woman live with the shame and hurt inside forever and discovering that you can help yourself doesn't come easily. I myself was one of the lucky girls who realized that I had a voice and was strong. I've learned to deal with and accept my past and now i'm determine to help other youth like myself discover their voice and their own personal Chi (spirit). You are doing very well, you're website is simply awesome, keep living it high and all the best for such a beautiful person." - Judith Pelletier, Prince George, B.C., Dec 17, 2002.

Sam Graci and Katherine A. Marion
"You are a brilliant, bright light in this world. I am so very appreciative of the wonderful human being you are. Bravo!!! Bravo!!! You are our species future - a holy woman - who will guide us, protect us and lead us - we need you  Love Sam" - Sam Graci, Creator of Greens+, Bestselling author of 'The Power of SuperFoods' and 'The Food Connection'

"A lot of 'feminists' see the bikini and pictures of naked woman as an objectification. They believe that showing a feminine side & wearing makeup is conforming to a stereotype. I believe that spending all your time trying not to fit this role is just as restricting. Be whoever you want to be irregardless of how someone else may see you. Do what makes you happy." - Keetah, Vancouver B.C., 11:00 PM Sun, Oct 27, 2002.

"... it should be about women loving themselves and not about how others see them. I meet so many women and their getting liposuction, their breasts done, and nips and tucks. And then, they're still not happy. Women need to start loving themselves again." - Jacqueline Rose Marion, Special Beauty Culture. Prince George B.C., -  1:30am Sun Oct 27, 2002.

"... my thoughts on the pornography in North America issue. There is a difference in mentality with Europe, we can talk about sex with friends, we actually do that a lot, but it never becomes pornography. It seams that there is no difference between sex or nudity and pornography here, it is all thrown in the same bag and looked upon the same way. Nudity and sex are natural organic occurrences when pornography is only a thought that is induced by staging (and often denaturing) nudity and sex." - Dominique, Vancouver B.C., 5:00 PM Thu Oct 31, 2002

"Most religions talk about the importance of God and his works. That Man and Woman were created in His (Her?) image. If the human body is one of God's most perfect creations, what right does anyone have to say it's wrong for you to appreciate it?" - Peter Jones, Vancouver B.C., 8:00 PM Wed, Oct 30, 2002

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