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Meet my bouncing new baby of an advice column. On the following pages you will fabulously find a sampling of my uniquely insightful answers.

Please continue to send in your concerns. Ask away...

"Fell off the Raw Vegan Wagon!"
"My hands (suffery exema) - after we met were just amazingly healthy!"
"Conventional doctors makes me sick!"
"Just wondering about your poem Daddy, Why Don't You?"
"How do I add raw foods in all my meals?"
"I need some advice on dieting...?"
"How do I get enough protein from raw vegetables, fruits and seeds?"
"How can I grow my own sprouts...?"
"Breast Feeding ....   for All Ages... ?"

Katherine and Kaelin eating on patio Wherever I am, people always have so many saved up questions they are seeking to have answered. This forum allows me to share a few of my answers and anecdotes, so we all may mutually benefit.

Here's to a fresh start...!

- Supernatural Woman

We all have the answers, I am just honest enough to admit it! Please send a $20 contribution to Katherine for a personalized response, replete with pics of Supernatural Woman.
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