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Life Enhancing Advice From Supernatural Woman "Do'n It - Like She Tells It!"

Hanne and Baby "Mmmm... You make the Yummiest Carob Cake...Supernaturally!"
August 16, 2003

Dear Hanne

It was an absolute gift to shoot a few photographs of your gorgeous little girl. All diapers and dimples. Delightful. Anytime...

Thank you for those 2 delicious slices of cake (a little can go a long way when we share...) I gave 3 kiddies and 2 big people a teaser of a taste, and they all groaned and moaned over your marvelous sweet carob concoction. Would you please mind passing the amazing recipe this way, so I may forward it on my pages to a devoted and salivating viewership? Thanks.

In response to your email, allow me, to nicely 'Sprout Off'!... Always be sure to rinse your organic sunflower seeds in purified water. After draining, soak those wee babes overnight (approximately 8 hrs) in a bowl or jar. Next morning, drain, rinse and drain. Now you're set to hang these soon to be sprouting beauties by their gently wrung out necks, in a cheesecloth or clean mesh bag.

You can even grow 'em in a clear glass jar with cheesecloth as a cover, or a sprouting lid (as long as there are adequate holes for breathing). Mine prefer to share space in a darker corner of the cozy kitchen, alongside my crystal dream catchers!

Cake Sample Make sure you give your newest babies a wash in the morn, noon and night. Everyday your creations shall surely grow a little more luscious and longer. After 2 or 3 days of this healthy regime, take your action packed sprouts for a walk in the sunlight. Allowing these tasty wonders to turn green with gratitude, as they become filled with Mother Nature's life enhancing properties of chlorophyll. A couple of heated hours should do it... And, there you have 'em - High Enzyme Sunflower Seed Sprouts Packed With Immediately Accessible Assimilable Protein Power. Best of all, this powerful probiotic is full of naturally occurring acidophilus bifidus to put the good bacteria back in your GI tract!

From this day on - you can toss 'em over a salad. Serve them as a sea salted (not the white or processed stuff) snack, and sprinkle in a wholesome wrap. A mighty handful of these cutest little curly top critters will keep you bust'n out with extra needed energy. The added (and only) 'Booster Shot' every young Mother And New Dream Come True (Hi Anzara) (not to mention everyone else...) So Dearly Deserves. I Know!

P.S. You can roast these flavour packed tiny tots in the sun. Why not Add Extra Crunch To One More Rawsome Lunch!

P.P.S. Enjoy the 2 self published Books - 'Raw Family' and 'Eating Without Heating'. Don't forget to pass me another sensational sample!

To order copies of 'Eating Without Heating' and 'Raw Family', please visit the Products page.

Love and Luscious Life,

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