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Life Enhancing Advice From Supernatural Woman "Do'n It - Like She Tells It!"

From: Mandi
Sent: Friday, July 25, 2003 10:23 AM

Dear Supernatural Woman:

I just listened to you Mojo radio, and then looked up your website. You captured my interest when you spoke about eating only raw foods. As a mother, I try to feed my young family a healthy diet. Including as much organic produce I can get my hands on at an affordable price. Can you let me know of any stores and/or farmer's that sell organic foods at a reasonable price?

I have a concern about veganism, especially for a growing child. Protein is very important for a healthy body and mind. Humans have been eating meat since we first started walking on this earth. Although it wasn't farmed, pumped full of hormones, antibiotics, etc, the meat we have available to us today. My family is not vegetarian; we do eat meat. But, I try to buy organic beef and chicken, or wild game.

How can you possibly get enough protein and iron from raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, etc? Especially since vitamins and minerals found in veggies are more easily used by the body if they are lightly steamed, rather than raw. I would really like to hear your perspective on this.

Yours truly,

August 11, 2003

The Raw Word - Enzymes into Protein - Supernaturally!

Dearest Mandi,

I'm so pleased you 'tuned in' to me on MOJO radio. What's causing me greater happiness is that your 'turned on' to my Raw Word. Thank you for your recent email.

Since you are already wise enough to be feeding your Loved Ones Organic Foods, why not check out the local Farmer's Markets for fresh organic fare? Not only are you doing the Supernatural for you and Yours - You are Supporting Your Community. You'll find some interesting and highly informative articles on my website, that will lead you precisely in this Divinely Raw direction...

From one Loving Mother to another, my advice is to drop the consumerist driven concern over "not enough protein". Let Go of Fear. We are Born Raw. Our children were thriving in an internally Rawsome World - in Vitro - for 9 months. My hungry son thrived (versus 'survived') an extra 11 days inside because he obviously just couldn't get enough. Then, he spent another 8 months in unsolid (as in Liquid Love) confinement on the Breast (both of them) with pure Mother's Milk. One Rawk'n Babe!

When one lives in a Raw Reality, all naturally occurring enzymes found in raw foods bring new life to a tired and listless, old body. There is absolutely no conceivable way a person can become or remain protein deficient. When there are no longer the same past blockages, everything flows more smoothly. All pipes and pathways in our one and only Mighty Vessel come unplugged. I bet you didn't know that cooked food heads have a ghastly mucoid plug that travels the 21 feet of their intestinal tract? What a length most beings will be bothered enough to allow their one and only self sanctioning systems to go through, just to be able to maybe partially digest 'food' that is no longer in it's vital and naturally unspoiled state!

The most unnatural (not to mention aberrant behaviour) thing is to eat the flesh of another living soul. What gives one purportedly 'superior' species the moral right to consume another, anyway?

Firstly, you are ingesting the negative energies (not to mention entities) of a poor, slaughtered animal. One more helpless victim who's precious life ends by means (real mean...) of casual and ritualistic violence. What a Primary Example to set! Cows and Horses (a couple of conscious examples...) are merely 2 of the strongest land mammals on this plentiful planet. They are Vegan and Raw. They don't need or crave dead meat of another animal for supposed strength. Quite the contrary. These Beasts of Beauty graze Peacefully on grass. And this Green Goodness translates and transforms into proteins, vitamins, minerals, and more... Raw Living Energy!

It's all common sense. You Are What You Eat! Why not Keep it Pure and Simple. Time to release all those misconceptions, learned behaviours, and rigid belief systems sold down the dying family tree by a long list of well intentioned parents, uninformed family members and friends set adrift in a turbulent sea of ignorance. Once upon a time, as a young and well behaved young child, I often sucked the bone marrow from overdone pan fried steaks. All because someone told me, "Go ahead. Eat it. It's good for you!" Thank Goddess I stopped listening to outsiders and began listening to my own inner voice!

There's a Holy Bible supposedly written by a bunch of men, we never met, discreetly placed in every hotel room across the country. It can make a great footstool - if you're a wee Leprechaun!

Moral - Don't believe everything you read (other than my words...). Scan carefully between the lines. The truth is like a finely elusive grain of golden sand. You must be ready to fully open your eyes before you can even really see it!

Everyone has to start somewhere. As the tiny seed that was planted by Love, it is your turn, Now, to become the nutrient rich soil that sustains new and needed growth in the healthy and responsible educating of your Family. To Nurture is to Nourish!

All you need to do is Keep The Best and dump the rest. With an Open Mind and a Full Heart - You Can Do anything! All answers are already safely inside of Knowing You. Allow your Fascinating Journey in the transparent outside World to Be One the is as Clean, Carefree, and Conscious as (even humanly...) possible!

P.S. Empty your fridge of all lifeless forms and processed lies. Become more Alive with the Intensely Higher Vibrations of Wholesome Foods that Most Become You, and that You Are Soon And Quickly Becoming.

To Go Raw Is To Get Real!

Note: Katherine's next Rawsome reply on's Healthy Advice Forum 'Supernatural You' concerns the sprouting of Life Empowering Sunflower Seeds. Miraculous Power Packed Protein Placed Within Invaluable Little Pouches of Life!

For these upcoming pages, Keep your carrots and your Keen eyes peeled...

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