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Life Enhancing Advice From Supernatural Woman "Do'n It - Like She Tells It!"

Morning Food From: Gary McKay
Sent: Tuesday, July 22, 2003 6:52 PM

Hello Katherine, I briefly spoke to you this morning on the seawall, i was the dad with my son and his friend on bikes,around the yacht club. i wanted to chat with you some more, but you were on a mission, and sped off. I remembered your website, so i am writing to you now. I see that you are a single parent as well (great isn't it).You sure are fit, it's obvious that you take very good care of yourself, and exercise often. I am not really sure of the meaning of your website, but it is put together well.I have had a website in the past, to promote a product of mine, but fell short when i presumed that the customers would come busting down the doors.I am recently looking for a new webmaster/designer to help me with a venture that is sure to do goood for me. Are you into nutrition, if so, i need some advice on dieting, i'm not over weight, but have some intestinal problems that won't go away with harsh medications(steroids and the likes) and the doctor is talking surgery soon. I obviously would like to avoid this at all costs, so if you have any recommendations, i would be happy to hear them. Take care katherine, and hope to hear from you soon

Patio Meal August 1, 2003

Supernatural Medicine From Katherine

Dearest Gary

Thanks so Magically much for your Positive observations and welcome Honesty. It was Wonderful for all of us to be out on our bikes on another Glorious sun filled day! I remember you mentioning you were taking the boys for sushi, after your pleasurable pedal around the seawall. Kaelin and I eat vegan raw sushi made of undyed ginger slices, beets, sun roasted nori and various Delicious herbs and spices. Your tempted taste buds will never know the difference. Yet, your hungry (to be fed proper live enzymes nutrition) body/mind and energy level surely and Wondrously will!

Bikini Bike Have you been looking at my website recently? I've introduced my advice column - Supernatural You - please check it out! When you ask me, "are you into Nutrition?" more than that... I am chock chick-full of Nutrition! Life is a constant renewal, consisting of continual cleansing as we replenish the Amazing World that lives, breathes and miraculously multiplies within us. Our only work is to Let Go - in order to refill with the appropriate fuel. This is how this Supernova Divinely does it!

Are you aware that all dreaded dis-ease begins in the intestinal tract? It's not what you consume, it's what you digest! Next... to excrete. Time to clean up your first act, 'cause you don't want this Supernatural show to end before it's midway mark! Get off the meds and introduce some friendly (as well as trusted holistic guidance) 'good' bacteria to assist in wiping out the damage incurred by an unconscious system that is slowly and insidiously 'feeding off' of you!

Since you certainly wish to achieve the most effective long term results, I sincerely recommend you re-start with a clean and refurbished vessel. It's actually very simple. A little time, (after all it is already yours) and a lotta trust and 'Self Love' will get you to the desired destination of complete Health and Happiness you are entitled to!

Sandstone cliff Today is the day to start listening to your Inner Voice and to put aside fear mongering casually cast forth from a paid professional who gives you a death sentence as a gift of a doctorly diagnosis. Unless you sadly pay even more for your 'bodily sins' through your open and proffered wallet. Why not assume total Responsibility of your Luscious Life and become Pilot (no co-conspirator) of your own Starship? Besides, it's a much more Exhilarating, Liberating and Life Enhancing Journey!

So, Ride like the Wind! You are a Living, Loving, and Vital part of Nature. You are foremostly intended to Shine like the inexhaustible and inextinguishable Sun, itself! I look forward to helping support and assist you in ensuring that you are soon firmly and finely in your Supernatural Saddle!

P.S. If you choose to expedite this reality shift necessary for the Healing of your one and only self, I wisely suggest you contact me and we continue a rapid regrowth of your Health, through a Supernatural Series of Creative and Consciousness Raising Consultations. Before all (not after...) your own Shining Son deserves it. Imagine, what an even more Rawsome Role Model (a literally Glowing example) one Happy (and Home Free) Dad shall Forever Beautifully Be!

With Love and Luscious Life,
Someone who really cares - Katherine

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