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What a Precious little Boy of Yours!

Sunday, May 9th, 2004 - Mothers Day

Mom and Baby Hello Katherine,

I finally found your email, so I want to thank you for taking pictures of us in the park. Do you remember us? I would just like to ask you, if you could send them to my email. I am really anxcious to see them. I have been to your web site just very shortly. My hands after we met were just amazingly healthy like for three days. I didn't feel any pain. But now, they are back to that suffery exema. I don't know what to do, I use gloves, but I am in the water every day with the household work and my little baby boy.

Awaiting your answer and lovely pictures


Dear Adriana,

What a Precious little Boy of Yours!

Remember our Children come to Us, not just through Us - to Remind Us just how Vitally Important We are - in not only their World - also, this World. In actuality, there should only Be One World - Ours!

A Child's only need, want and deepest Divine Desire is to Be Unconditionally Loved. Precious Little People are Our most Magical Mirrors - here to Remind Us of The Best We Are Meant to so Beautifully and Perfectly Be. Anything less is an Absolute injustice dealt and delivered, not only to Our Highest Selves ... to everyone else around us. We must continually look into the Shining, Bright Eyes of our Magical Mirrors - our Blessed Babes!

Baby How ironic that when we are finally Given a new extended lease on this Luscious Life, we often squander Our Infinite Inner Resources and Undeniable Power. We start to 'think ' we 'should' Do more - instead of "Being" More! We attempt to control circumstances rather than Allowing and Embracing the Loving Lessons that are Divinely Delivered Our Wondrous Way. We still have so much to Learn... Let us Listen to the Children!

My Son and I Synergistically met you out in Nature - where it counts - the Real World! You were Reading to one wee Wonder who will someday Greatly Appreciate the Womanifold Myriad of Goddess - Given Gifts you have Bestowed upon Heaven - Sent Him. There is no chlorine bleach to wash Nature's Natural Wonders. There are no rubber gloves to don in case you expose your fragile Healing hands to the debilitating ravages of commercial household cleansers, specially designed for the poor misled programmed buyer. There is not valid Reason to Protect Oneself from a Safe and Loving Environment.

Discard the 'industrial strength' lies. The Truth is not harsh. Cleansing is about all that remains Pure and in the Present. No pretences. No pressure. No passport to a land where big multi - conglomerates sell you a lie with all The Love they no longer have in their hopeless Hearts.

Take off the fighting gloves. Treat your Creator's hands as you would your Baby's silken butt - as a Planetary Treasure. Love Thineself with Essential Oils. What a Pleasure! If it's not good enough for your Beloved One - it isn't Good enough for You. Give Yourself a hand - with Supernatural Healing!

The Skin is the largest organ on our body. Our epidermal layers protect our organs. This is the Almighty Mirror whereupon Shines all Truth before gone untold. This is the Magical Measuring Stick Of Old. Time to remove poisons from both our external and internal dwelling. Out of it we shall come - more than Naturally Better Smelling!

Baby With Fresh Organic Lavender, Rosehip, Camomile Tea and tinctures of Arnica and a soothing unpoisoned poultice or two. Filtered Water, Unprocessed Sea Salt, Detoxifying Saunas and Sun - A Marvellous Mommy Brand New. These are Simply a Favoured Few of The Loving Messages sent to the One and only Brave and Beautiful Body so Miraculously Bestowed Upon Blessed You!

Look after Yourself as you would the Prettiest Summertime Flower. Love all the Beauty your Sweet and Endearing Son Reflects in his every whimsical gesture. Hold your Fragrant Perfumed Powers in your Hand and Dream ... For all you Deserve is Everything that is Conscious and Clean. Allow yourself The Space to again Know The Difference between yesterday's land and Today's Open Heart and Healing Hand!

With Empowerment and Purity of Purpose,

Love Katherine


Please Enjoy these Photographs I snapped of The Little Healer and Healing You. My only Mission is Assuredly my Motherly Motto -- to help other's Love themselves and Appreciate one another - as much as I am everyday Learning to Love Myself!


Happy Mothers Day!

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