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Conventional doctors makes me sick!

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Namaste dear Katherine,


I want to share with you my recent experience with the medical system cause i know you may help me to get some insights to help heal my beautiful baby daughter Anzara. I'm so upset, frustrated and angry with doctors! I had enough discouragement and disappointment with the medical system. They are all drug dealers and they are so far from truth! I thought we could trust doctors but after my baby's life was in dangerous because of a lack of interest and caring, I'm convinced doctors are dangerous to the humanity as much as the drug corporations.


About 4 months ago, i went to Brazil and my 18 months old baby got a really bad cold from the airplane. When i arrived there, she had 39C degrees and all the symptoms of a cold. I took her to the doctor and  he told me to manage the fever with baths and Tylenol and wait until the flu was gone but after a week, her symptoms were worst and i had taken her to 5 different doctors and they had the same things to say: "Give her Tylenol and relax, it's just a really bad cold!"


My instinct as a mother was very strong that something bigger was happening and i kept searching, trying homeopathy, aromatherapy in different times and taking her to doctors as nothing was working to keep her fever down.(not even the Tylenol)


One day, after 15 or more days of watching my baby getting worst, I got up crying my heart off and noticed my baby wasn't waking up very well. She hadn't peed or drank any water for 26 hours and it was extremely hot in my city, so i kneed she was dehydrated.  I took her in my arms and ran to a public hospital where i payed extra money so they would give me an X-Ray of her upper body. Then a doctor with the results told me: "Run to the emergency cause your baby lungs is covered with pneumonia and she must be hospitalized immediately!"  I couldn't believe in what i was hearing and her eyes expression! I was devastated and very angry with the private expensive doctors that had consulted my child. I wanted to sit in the floor and cry all my tears but I kept strong for my baby.


So, after being hospitalized and taking antibiotics, she improved.  Now ithas been 5 months since her disease and she is still couching a lots, only at night! Her cough is a very wet, mucousy cough and i was suspecting of allergies since her cough comes and goes. But, we eat very healthy and I tried different homeopathies which improved a lots but it's still there.


Also i have been giving her some EFA's and probiotics, but the cough is still there.


Last week I took her to the doctor and the doctor recommended to wait a bit more to see if the cough would go away by itself! I wanted to punch her in her face but i just got my bag and left her office. Again this week, took her to another really good kits doctor and i explained my situation and  kindly asked her to prescribe me a blood analysis test for allergy and she replied that she could do that but she wants me to try some drug first and see if the symptoms would go away and then, if didn't work, she would prescribe me this test. She also said that the drug could cause nausea
and drowsiness in the beginning of the treatment. I started to cry in front of her and i told her i was tired to make experiments with my baby and give her drugs that only made her worst! Again, i wanted to shake her and punch her in the face screaming:"...can't you see...if you can't help, don't give me some new drug without knowing what is the cause of her disease???!!! Are you dumb!!" Anyways, i didn't say that but I left her office with a pain bigger than.


When I entered. My heart was really broke and I was devastated to know what doctors are really about...or the medical system! And i'm still searching and looking for help to heal my baby completely, but not in conventional doctors or should i say, not with drug dealers.


My dear friend Katherine, I'm so glad to find some real support with you.  Please let me know if you have any insights that might help me and my baby. I appreciate enormously your kindness and care with one and another,  Lets stay close to the light and feed our hungry hearts and minds with truth and nature.


Thank you so much!
Hugs! Hanne V.


Dear Hanne,

Conventional Medicine is For The Unconscious - It makes Us All Sick!

What an painful and totally unnecessary experience for any Mother and Baby to undergo. In a Lost World where Madonna and Child should be Irrevocably Honoured by Society - you have undoubtedly received shameful and absolutely eartless behaviour. Blessings to Beautiful Both of You!

As I read your letter and see those many unshed tears fall from your flushed and pretty cheek, I Know your pain. What comes up for me, as I Gratefully Allow your words and Ancient bleeding wounds to seep in ... Is "Pure Water", " Rest " and " The Nurturing Sweetness of The Breast!"

As a Proud Breastfeeding Advocate and Attached Parent, I Realize that you Know the Absolute and Unadulterated Power of a Mother's Milk! The various Immune Boosting Antibodies to be found within these Sacred Vessels is a Miracle unto itself. In our earlier phone conversation, you confided that Anzara " just wants to be on the Breast". Exactly! She is following her ailing body's Supernatural Instincts. As the Goddess - Earth - Mother who Loves her Best - your Primal Urgings can surely and Mindfully Attest...

Own your Power - Sweet and Succulent Mother. You have wanted to Go Raw for the longest and most seemingly arduous while. Permit your Wee She - Goddess Creature to do just that - from whence she Powerfully came...
Mother Nature's Body Cleansing, Blood Purifying, Colon Detoxification is soon to take Blessed Place. Now, put a Smile back on that Prettiest of a Magical Mother's Face!

With Trust and Faith in Mother - Love,
Supernaturally - Katherine

We all have so much untapped Potential and Immeasurable Powers. Remember to slow down and Keep Trusting...



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