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"From Me To You" - Mon July 28, 2003

Katherine at Lost Lagoon I am an old soul and ancient wise Woman Living Lusciously this Rawsome Rebirth of a 43 year (chrono time) Young body. Always so vitally eager to share the 'Supernatural Secrets' of my Infinite Joy and Youthful Exuberance. My Innate Wisdom reveals to me I must simply afford others the same Unconditional Love I have relearned to Give to my Highest and most Sacred Self.

Between You and I and the Loving Lines of this Consciousness Raising column, I shall speak My Truth! Conscientiously covering a wide array of timely topics and authentic concerns.

We shall travel together from the Heart's Happiness, to the Body's Health and Inner Healing. Closer to one another than You may have Cause to fully comprehend or possibly ever Know.

This is One Mother On A Mission. A Woman With A Vision. So, Go Ahead... Ask away!

May The Magic Now Begin...
Together - LET'S DO IT!


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