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SNW is a web site divinely devoted to Health, Happiness and Healing. My goal is to Co-create a Conscious Community. - Katherine A. Marion, founder of SNW

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Happy, Healing, Holiest New Year 2022 from this newly Certified Meditation Immersion Teacher with Soul Works- mention my name and get certified, too.

Right now, i want you to get down .. into Downward Dog on my new Energetically Aligning Mats i truly believe in.

Here is a link to a water purification pitcher I like: Cerra Water.

Certified Yoga Instructor - Coaching available- with Semperviva Yoga school - 2018- i outta know!

Love in the Light,

Katherine the Grateful and therefore ever Great

Today's Affirmation:

I am allowed to live my loving life - in Peace ... consciously communing in co-creation with my beloved boy, sis and brother Lab puppies, and our kind community.

Surrounded my heart-sent helper's; supporting our healing and the 'in-progress' publishing of our significant 'work's' of faith in humanity and a better world in the magical making ..

We are generously given 'amnesty and clemency' by kindred soul; safe in our happiest new home - now appearing ... magnificently- by daring and divine decree!

Katherine Marion
June 1st, 2013
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January 31, 2023 KATHERINE MARION - Professional voice-over Artist - for hire


Listen to my Radio Interview/Soma Time with devout Dr. Mark

Asking me how this Supernatural Woman has made it this far
Grounded, centered; I am not our Sylvia Plath in her Bell Jar

My Son is at my side, after having him stolen once, already
No idea he'll be abducted a few years later- grab my Teddy

Half an hour of Sincerity with open mind of immense clarity
I am digging inside, reaching upwards- others ask for charity

Politics is whatever lie they are telling and selling silly you
Please, 'buyer beware,' cast your vote; ' Own self be True!


Love is a Magical Journey - Poetry 2009-2010

"Love is a Magical Journey is a collection of poems by Katherine Marion. The writings explore her world and her feelings, painting an intimate portrait of a single mother out there on her own. Through myriad rhymes, she takes us on a journey through uncharted territory; a spellbinding experience of (self-) discovery the reader won't soon forget!"

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Birthday Wish List of Katherine Marion - Jan 5th, 2017

Full size poster available, contact me for details.

K2 & Puppy Love - Supernatural Summer Wish List 2013

I've got the best Hormone-free raw frozen pet food - CraigsList.

Sign my petition to Abolish Legalized Child Abduction In Canada

SNW_May_27_2013_DSCN2917_k2_web I am listening to my instincts and following divine guidance; allowing me to keep my 17 year young safe, and back 'home' with his beloved Mom and loving Lab puppies - Thelma and Edward - now!

June 1st, 2013

Welcome to The House of RAWK ... on Goddess-sent Gabriola Island, B.C.

Find yourself; in the enchanted woods, up the winding way ... from the Gnome's home .. not far from the ferry. Feel the waves of your own heartbeat; slow .. as I show you how to mindfully eat. Drop the deadly dairy and pick up a fresh, un-sugared local berry.No more meat or dead bread.

Or, we'll walk in wonder.Talk affirmatively. And, hand- pick pine cones - instead.

Or, just drop all worldly concerns and come for a magical massage in a a tropical paradise ..healing room.

Get out of your head and into your heart.

Raw and Real.
A holy and wholesome divine deal.

Phone ahead to book book your beautiful Bed & Breakfast. weekend.
Away 'stress,'

Only bliss .. to send.

Or, make it last .. Stay for a day or a week. Going strong .. My tasty treat!

In LOVE with Special K - every day


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Friday, March 28th, 2008 - Doors Open: 6:30 p.m.
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Diamond Vineyards Wine Tasting

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50% off sale - "Loves Touch" touchables

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All Inclusive Pre-Paid Price:$35.00
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P.S. This pure and precious party is in Poco at my new consciousness-raising space/gallery/raw kitchen/high energy vortex. Please call ahead for my easy to find address, just off the freeway and a mere 40 mins from Vancouver and close to anywhere else in this wondrous world.

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Can't wait to see you at my sweet summertime living food potluck and poetry eve, on July 23rd. Tickets and details...

May Peace Be Forever Mine - article.
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Sunday Evening Potlucks - May 9TH - 7:30PM Mothers Rawsome Day and Ongoing Feast at The Land of Yum

Allow Supernaturalwoman to Feed your Soul. As you Fuel your body and empty your mind - you shall enter into The Land of Yum!

I Am inviting Rawsome You to visit Me and Mine as we break dehydrated bread and eat off the Tender Vine...
A Potluck Pure and Simply Divine
This Sumptuous Sunday Eve - Sublime!

Take a Big Bold Bite out of this Luscious Life. Call Katherine for further details and book your Raw struck space at our table of Love.

Bring an Open Heart and one Divine Dish made with Fresh, Live Organics. Nothing Processed. Nothing Dead. All Natural. A New and Healthier Reality. Come - Be Fabulously Fed!


P.S. Learn more about Raw Food in my Animal Voices Radio Interview, along with Victoria Boutenko!

Supernatural Summer/Fall Seminar Dates
Tuesday - August 31st, 2004 - Postphoned, stay tuned for the new time!
Tuesday - September 21st, 2004
6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

1288 W. Cordova Street,
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cost: $40.00 per TX

Delicious full course Organic,
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Amjad Ali Khan concert this coming Friday at the Orpheum Theatre in Vancouver BC.

Amjad Ali Khan is the master of the Sarod. Smaller than a sitar, it has 19 strings. He will be accompanied by two tabla players, Vineet Vyas and Tanmoy Bose on similar instruments. Together they created a 57-string three-man symphony orchestra and a magical evening!

For tickets call 604-280-3311
EarthSave's bi-monthly vegan potluck dinners

Sat/Sun August 13/14, 2004
Saturday, August 14th, 2004 - Come Share Love, Life and Laughter with Katherine as she so Purely Performs, Free - style, her Rawsome and death - defying act of ... "Spreading The Raw Truth!"

For 45 Magical Minutes of Mind - Clearing, Soul - Searching, Truth - Telling Tales (not the ones with 4 legs ) - Enjoy devouring the most Divine Delectables of One Single Mommy Raw Food Chef as she visits the land of Yum ... All you must bring is an empty Tummy and a Full Heart!

This Years 'EarthSave' Yummy Veganville will be held for 2 Energizing Days at The Chinese Cultural Centre, to the Tasty and Taste - Bud Tempting Tune of approximately 6000 Hungry Guests arriving to Eat, Meet and Greet with some of The Greatest Raw Gurus from around this Gorgeous Globe. Be sure and Satisfy your Appetite as you Send your Sumptuous Spirit Soaring ...


Katherine Marion
Raw Food Chef Supernatural

P.S. Katherine will be Deliciously Performing at the Raw Struck hour of 3:00pm on Saturday, Go Raw - Get Real!

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SuperNatural You: Vegan Diet - Advice Column

June 2004

Fraser Valley Fringe Festival - June 11 - 13th, 2004

If you don't 'live on the fringe' - then just come and watch for a while! Welcome to the Real World

A heart opening, gut wrenching line up of 5 Shows that tell it like it is ... For 'the genuine article' : RagMag.Net

See you at 'front row'

May 2004 - Victorious and Lov'n It!

"Happy Victoria Day" from 2 Supernatural Soul - Mates whom are Victorious in all that really matters in this Luscious Life - Love!



Photograph by Mahmut - VFS Art student - Sunday, May 23, 2004

Spring 2004 - Love Eternally!

I found it! The Beautiful framed photo I so Affectionately keep in my new pretty bathroom. The daffodil pic of Kaelin and I. Momma K is kissing her Wee Soul right on the most Perfectly proffered place as her little boy Lovingly leans (head over…) to deftly Kiss her readied and most available lips. Mmmm…

Our eyes are closed and my Littlest Open Heart is wearing his favourite yellow baseball cap (with the sparkly Butterflies) – turned backward. It is a side profile shot of my fairskinned Angel - Kaelin and almost face on - of suntanned and ‘puckered up’ Momma – Mia! This Delightful Delicacy was mercifully shot outdoors where there is green, green, grass surrounding Blessed Us. We are most appropriately and Ceremoniously enveloped by the All Seeing and most Sacred Light…

What a Wonderous World Love Lives Within!

P.S. Aren’t they Simply the most Marvellous Yellow Daffodils you’ve ever had the Rare and Purest Pleasure of Receiving?

Love Katherine

Published Articles
BCHLA newsletter: Plenty of Fish in The Sea - article Saving The Earth - One Face at a Time
The Rag: Victim Impact Statement - article (newspaper only) Winged Migration - Video Review Spotlight on my Photography At Home with Mother Earth and her Children +

The Raw Review - 'Eating Without Heating' is a concise and clearly written creative compendium of delicious delectables....MORE
Happy Birthday!Happy Supernatural Birthday to Me ( January 5th )! May all my Dreams come True ... Special wishes on my Daddy's December 9th birthday, Sister Jacqueline's December 11th Birthday and Sister Caroline's January 11th Birthday.

Please email me at and I will be sure and send you a personalized Happy Birthday Greeting

Wishing You a Happy Heart,

Love Katherine

Happy Birthday to My Most Darling Son will be 8 Wondrous Years ( on the outside, anyway ) this pre - Easter Sunday. He is my little white and Wonderful Bunny with the long, luscious ears... He is the guy that saved my Now Luscious Life. Thank you, Kaelin - I Love You!!! - Mommy ( aka - Katherine ) Happy Birthday to Frank Marion Jr! Happy Birthday to Douglas! Happy 65+ Birthday to Thelma Muriel Marion, Magnificent Mother of Supernatural Woman! Email in your special birthday date. See you online!

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Raw Food Media Demo- Rick Mercer Report - BCTV

Taste of Health Presentation
Saturday, August 13th, 2004


Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Flowers and Food to Live For - at Starfire Studio

"Two lips are better than one!" I said to lovely Lisa -, as I looked upon her gorgeous canvas of painted tulips. The talented artist wearing the prettiest long, lacy skirt, smiled. Then, all three of us posed beside her pretty poses, for pictures. Sweet, smiling, Janice of, who offers yummy workshops, Lisa whom is a devoted Mom and enterprising artist, and this rawsome Renaissance Woman!

What an enchanted gallery to display ones artistry within. No wonder I walked out with my wrist wrapped in polished black agate and a new board game - "Zany World"created by a local Mommy, who has been awarded "Dr.Toy Winner - 100 Best Children's Game Winner". Wow!

Next week, I travel back to Horseshoe Bay to visit manager Christi and pick up my fire-engine red purse TO LIVE FOR. I shall be swinging my hips and my pretty, hot bag, in the direction of sunshine and smiles.

It was so much fun to be out on the town, meeting consciousness-raising community members and remembering how enjoyable it is to dress up, be seen, network, and just let go ... Imagine if I drank wine! Well, I am rawsome enough. Even though, I did miss the catered affair of the happiest heart. Never arrive too late for a rawk'n invite.

After looking at the images from my Canon, I shall be also, writing an upcoming article.

Stay tuned in and turned on ...

I am!


December 25th, 2008

May Every Day Be Christmas

Snow melts as my happy heart warms to the touch of consciousness-raising connections. This magical wintery morning, I emailed over 500 Wishes of Wellness. Grateful am I, for the kind responses I have already received, bestowing me with beauties such as "Happiness" and other grateful words of highest intention.

Yesterday, I laid, sobbing, in my pretty little bed, holding to my chest, a gorgeous framed photo of my Mom, when she was alive and smiling. It was to be honest; captured by me, decades ago, after she was signed away, by her eldest daughter, just after my high school grad. My severely emotionally delayed family told me it was best. They didn't know what to do with a woman with 5 children, whom only required a few healthy meals and a long, healing rest.

Today, my blessed Angel still hovers over me. My new lady friend and wonderful owner of, told me she saw "her" over my left shoulder, on a walk, the other day. The heavens keep reminding me to believe in magic and the eternal mystery of life as we choose to see it. I am able to feel the power of energy and do proclaim that whatever and whomever is still alive and wondrously well, as long as we frhold our hand to our hearts and allow them to skip an extra beat, in the name of Love.

My son is a free-spired homelearner and has no idea, during his turbulent, pre-pubescent hormone imbalances, that no child goes out playing in the snow, for 13 hours,after to pass out on the living room floor at 11:00 pm, on Xmas eve. Only to awaken at 10:00 am, Christmas morn, and do it all over, again, until a phone call wisely made, at 1:00 pm, saying "I'm sorry" and hoping that I might just want to go for a walk. By this time, I am so emotionally exhausted from 'taking it personally', that I don't even know if I want to celebrate, at all.

Right now, quiet is the real gift of this season, for me. Peace. Serenity. No government agencies open. Nary a phone call. A couple of emails. A forgiving sun, shining brightly, for but a moment, over the North Shore Mountains. Smoke rising up from big, brick chimneys. Cloud cover creating a whitish haze over the world as I am able to view it, with my seeing eye. White roofs with no sign of Santa and his reindeer. Oh, dear!

Mitten singing his songs of love to Deva Premal, on the dvd player. Incense hand-rolled by praying Buddhist monks, wafting my wondrous way. A wee birdie calling my name. Peace. Hope. And, a new and even brighter tomorrow ....

Happy boxing day, too. Just make it a more than commercial success, alright?

Trusting we all have a story to tell,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

First Snow and Bleeding Under A Full Moon

After an intense 40 minute weight lifting seesion at the gym (my self-proclaimed 'Church of Self-Love'), I walked 1 hour to the community center for a mere and much needed 12 minute sweat in the sauna. After leaving red droplets upon the shower tiles, smashing my precious moisturizing oil onto the change-room floor and soaking my blue jeans with a wet top that doubled as 1/2 a bathing suit - forgotten, it was time for a long hike, in the blustery first snow of December!

Streets empty. Face numb with cold. The trendy hole in my left designer jean leg; really letting in a cooling breeze. I walked my way home. Purposeful prayers. Positive Affirmations. White Light. Speaking to my Angel Mother who looks over me. Sending healing energy to my gentle Boy. Remaining steadfast and rooted. Owning my power. Warming my sweet and sacred Soul.

Walking under miniature Christmas trees. Seeing a little girl fall onto a blanket of wondrous white and giggling over the delight of it. Getting my son suited up for a midnight walk in a winter wonderland, after his pre-pubescent 2 hour evening nap. Digging into the barrel of my new Fresh-Life Sprouter for a few enzymatically-alive sprouts of 4 delicious varieties. Preparing and evening rawstruck meal. Lighting a beeswax candle. Burning aromatic incense. Smelling my lovely lilies. Settling down for one more Enchanted Eve!

May you bleed and breathe freely. With breath pure. Heart precious and alive. Be with Love!

This my Gift to You.

Seeing Beauty Everywhere,
Love Katherine

Saturday, November 11th, 2008

Supernatural Thanksgiving

My 12 1/2 year young raw-fooder and I have just shared the most magically ALIVE meal from Radha Yoga Eatery. Talk about an easy way to go turkey-less! Still look terrific and fit into your tightest jeans, the morning after ....

We practically fought over the creamy dream of a cashew cheese topped veggie lasagna. The no-fish nori rolls were simply rawsome and I shall soon be up-loading the recipe, along with a fresh blog entry, onto

What a wonderful way to celebrate! No fuss. No fat. No frills. Real, wholesome food, fit for Gods and Goddess' alike, whom love themselves and want only to become bigger and better, in the highest way of the rawstruck word!

Take it from 100% RAW Momma - Me. I have been divinely dish'n this sweet, succulent stuff up for over 7 years now. Wait til you come to visit me at my WEXY SPAGHETTI workshop at Radha EAtery, the end of this November.

My 49th birthday is coming up, January 5th. Might just have to really put on a Grand Celebration of The Most Consciousness-Raising sort, for this exotic event. Any ideas ... ?

Be Blessed with Love this and Every New Day - Worth Giving Thanks For and Forever More,

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Greater than Grief

I hit a milestone, last night. That means more than tossing a pebble out from underfoot. I came face to face with my own excruciating pain.

My newly found and recognized as a truly brave heart; RMT, Von, worked on my 75% immobilized right shoulder, in the peaceful solitude of a private room at The Spa.

I writhed. Moaned. Almost screamed. Cried the wettest tears. Sobbed my hungry heart out. Release. Relief. Increase ...

My shoulder is rapidly healing, after a mere 3 sessions with my new found healer. Emotionally courageous and spiritually undaunted, beyond the recognition of most in earthly form. One vessel for light and love opened up to empty me of what I was protecting. Holding on, one can never find the way back home.

Turkish music in the background. Drums pounding into my aching heart. This hour is meant just for me. "Give it to me. It's mine. It's not yours", I am reminded, more than once. Why hang on when parts of you are falling off, over the effort? Remove the blocks. Feel the immense flood as you cry upon the freshly laundered sheets. Look after that lonely little girl called You. Oh, isn't she beautiful!

A son going through puberty. A hero who loves me "more than life". Too many sucking the breath right from me. Paralyzed with fear after not saving my Mother, this one last time. Deflated over the emptiness I sometimes feel surrounded by. Knowing I am enough. Yet, not quite at Peace. Now, finding ...

Forging ahead of mine 'enemies'. Transported by faith as I trust in a universe I see supporting me, phenomenally. Grateful for the gifts often covered in flimsy wrap. Divinely disguised as one may never guess to be. This is the only way I can ever find Me.


Katherine Marion

Monday, August 11th, 2008

Touched By Angels

Kaelin and I just watched a couple of heavenly episodes of "Touched By An Angel". Thanks to a sale at Wallmart, we are now the proud parents of a 4 Season DVD of the sweetest stuff heavenly dreams are made of ...

Stars reveal their intricate patterns as they weave a healing womb across the clearing sky. Tomorrow is one more blessed day. Mother Nature balances me and my luscious life in the cup of her ever flowing and open hand.

Wings with which to fly. Life at its grandest within a clearing sky. Gentle seas at lowest tide. Waves to break and effortlessly ride. Let go and feel the salt of tears unshed. Say "goodnight" to resting Angels before bed.

Eternally Grateful for all gifts Goddess-sent,

Katherine Marion

Remember, we can transform any trauma or whatever we want to call or name a situation or past event. It is all perspective. Why not keep ours pure and divinely simple? I am.

Monday, December 24, 2OO7

The Day Before Christmas

With winter temperatures near to freezing, we watch the morning sky turn the most brilliant shade of blue. Changing into a warm toque and Christmas clothes from Grandma, Kaelin offers to take out the garbage. The strangest things happen under a full moon, when you leave a child to his own instincts and allow him to feel the power of Mother Nature at wondrous work.

Within moments, my Son has reappeared with the biggest smile and eyes full of boy-like wonder. "Mommy, you should come out here. It's amazing! The clouds are illuminated by the moon. It is beautiful!" Lit up like Santa's favorite reindeer, one growing pre-adolescent remembers the magic of a new day, ever dawning. I warm to the glow of a heart that continue to gloriously grow upon me.

Holiday music plays upon the stereo. Happy tunes waft my way as I wind my words into streams that course through me with a resonance that sends me soaring. Soon I shall walk in the woods with my child. Running through the trees. Hoping to catch glimpse of a gentle deer. Aware of coyotes that keep themselves carefully hidden. Safe to roam the natural protection of the forest as we bring in the light.

Wishing all the hope of a glorious day to those whom need it most,

Love Katherine

P.S. Kaelin tells me "I almost tripped on moss". Time to save my son. Gotta run ...

15th November, 2007

Awakening To Soul

Kaelin draws a picture of the Sun and the happiness he tell me he feels. With crayon in hand and Norah Jones on the dvd player, we burn incense and listen to our inner voices. After an early morning green drink and the appreciative crunch of local, red apples, we begin one more divine day ...

I have been awake since 2:30 a.m., lighting beeswax candles, answering emails and reading messages left on my new account. A teacher friend has asked me to counsel his student whom has recently suffered a sexual assault. Since this is one more area of expertise ( see Oct 20003 SNW archives ), I am glad to help support the healing of one more precious person. Soon, I shall be speaking on the subject of my own rape(s) and how I worked with the system in writing the wrongs. Sometimes justice can be brought forth. First, we must believe ...

Later, I shall speak to a lovely single Mom whom had her precious 5 year old boy taken by MCFD. It's been 2 years and she is still only permitted to visit her womb-mate twice a week. Her sister has taken control and the ministry has left her to fend for herself , through an ordeal they helped consummate. Even the blossoming mind of her child has been adversely affected and possibly irrevocably damaged by an unfair process that has already caused an overwhelming amount of trauma and unnecessary pain. I have gladly given her the name of the lawyer who helped me take the legal steps to retrieve my own boy, back from the clutches of a government agency, that firstly 'snatches' and thinks ... later. By the way, this lone female was on disability when her beloved was taken. Between welfare and disability, the system has quite a pool to pull from!

Between all the tears I still shed for my recently deceased Mom,whom was not ready and should never have been sent to her death, I have become very aware of the unconsciousness of family and the lack of acknowledgement that occurs in all families of dysfunction. I have become quite an expert at opening up to all possibility. Including the undeniable truths that lay and never lie in being beyond honest in how it and we all began ... Otherwise, how can we ever create our own happy ending?

It is so easy to be pulled to the depths of despair. To write my poetry and putter around the rented garden suite of a house on the posh west side, that we are forced to soon vacate. Yet, I shall venture into the light of a new and breathtaking day, with a long walk to the gym, for a stretching session, lower weight workout and much appreciated sweat in a hot sauna. I shall let go of everything except what counts - Now!

Counting the blessing that enter my life and fill my veins with fresh blood to pump forth as fuel for a brave new tomorrow.

Dreaming of beauty and a clean breath for all,

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

The Mother I Miss And The Woman I Am Becoming

I write in my new fairy journal, with the sparkling wings and pretty pages. Expressing my creative self and letting go of that which no longer suites or serves me. Shedding tears for a Mother I still miss. Acknowledging the abuse that took place in the life of a woman I love more than any other. Knowing that in order to be the best mother, I must hug the little girl inside of me. Cry a little. Jot a lot. Sometimes the other way around ...

There are stories I ache to tell. Books I I must truly someday write. Yet, for now, all I know is that I must make it right. Living underneath a miserable male who charges me money to live where he wishes we didn't. Raising a child in a world often seemingly devoid of healthy role-models. Mothering the inner child that reaches out for love and daily sustenance. Bringing my deepest fears into the light. Realizing that the morn surely brings opportunity after the dark of night.

Healing a neglected right shoulder that speaks to me of emotions repressed. Taking care of adults whom have never fully dealt with their 'family of origin' issues. Holding the sadness of another in my own body. Creating the space to let go of yesterday as I move forward with a smiling face, into a tomorrow of my own marvelous making... Passion and purpose for the taking!

Stretching into a cleaner breath. Awakening refreshed. Extinguishing flames of anguish and turmoil with humor and lightness. Understanding that reality is merely what I make it. Believing in myself and remembering I am supported by a universe that knows more than I ever shall. Coming to terms with my own human limitations and spreading my angel wings to fly ....


Sunday, November 11th, 2007

My Soul Restoreth

One growing 11 year old boy has finished his first plate of rawsome goodies prepared with loving hands."Mommy, can you now make me a real salad?" my every hungry Son politely inquires, with the most boyish smile. Having recently up-loaded "Starving Kaelin In the Kitchen" onto - it seems rather befitting, to say the least!

This early morning, we saw the only sun this Vancouver sky had to offer for the delightful day. Close to two well spent hours walking in the majestic forest. Tall, towering trees.Glistening colored leaves. A magical flowing stream to mesmerize us both. Fresh air with which to fill our lungs. Exercise to feed our muscles. Light to heal. Love for a world of sharing

After delivering one spirooli and live, home-made coconut cream pie to a young Mommy, all I can taste is fresh young Thai coconuts. All I can see is sparkling water and the wild outdoors. All I can feel is the joy of expending my energy on those whom I care most about and doing that which brings me absolute joy. Blessed to bring happiness to many a kind spirit, including the heart of one precious boy!

Poetry in motion,

Saturday, September 22th, 2007

Bananas And Other Blessed Offerings

Coach Antoni has picked up his Goddess-sent green smoothie and willingly left his sleeping star player behind. Kaelin fell out of bed, before I washed the floor and realized the heavenly reason for one more much anticipated, early morning marathon, on the well worn keyboard. Too little sleep can only lead a loving heart to prayer. The written word is how I kindly offer thanks to a trusted universe that sustains me. To reclaim myself, all I must do is send out love wherever I go, or others don't ...

After I lift my still soundly sleeping child, gently back onto his bed, he follows me into the livingroom. Adorable zombie, refusing to be anywhere, except in the same sacred space as his beloved birther, Kaelin camps out on the leapord print couch. Duly rewarded with the final reading of my latest love-return of an article, I unpack the blender. Bursting forth with renewed energy, I dump 'er in ... Maca root for hormonal balance, hemp for chlorophyl laden alkalinization, honey for the perfect whole food sweeter, coconut oil for essential fatty acids, and too many other yummy secrets to share.

Frozen banana slices, sprinkled with cinnamon; King Kaelin's latest signature trademark. I steal a tidy, tasty bit of the sweetest organic goodies a wide-awake Mommy, who hasn't slept all night,could be blessed to bite into. Mercury amalgam, the size of a small city, recently lost in chlorinated combat; I slurp back the contents of a small cup of conscious un-cooking. Swallowing the remains of a new and shining day, I wipe trace of tell-tale evidence from my smiling face.

The soccer team shalt surely miss Kaelin at this mornings game. Dreaming of the greenest, smoothest breakfast any mud slinging mate could hope to throw his way. Let the naturally refined, unadulterated goodness of raw beginnings start the day. One player missed today, surely a hero, tomorrow. For the fuel of Gods is the furnace of the rawsome tempest, put to rest. Wake up refreshed and be your unified best. Kick the ball and have one too ...

I have now worked out any guilt left on reserve, over allowing my Son to catch up on neccesary sleep. Merely to glance upon the sun touching the lighted wings of sparkling green branches. A gentle breeze caressing the wooden chime that keeps time with the hopeful beat of my heart. Rested and assured that I am doing the right thing for those whom I love most. Further deciding to phone up Rachel, down the street, and invite her for an overflowing cup of the greener side of the fence. Satisfied with the appetite for life I so love. Sharing juicy jolts of joy with new freinds, team-mates and my sure to be soon awakening and ever hungry, precious little boy.

Prayers answered with one more red as my open heart, budding rose, left standing in attendance. Unwrapping cellophane covering petals as pretty as a poem. Fresh water does offer this giver's gift a healthy home. Soon to rest my lids and refresh my soul. First, I shall shower and scrub off memory of anything unfit to stay. Before glancing forward, into the fated, fabulous makings of one more infinitely hopeful heart. Finding my own uniquely delicious way!

Filled with the light of love,

Tuesday, September 13th, 2007

My Purfect Life- Bold And Beautiful

Every morning, a purring cat jumps in through the bedroom window and settles himself down to sleep. At the foot of the bed he curls himself into one furry ball of sleeping beauty. Today,Tiger decided to pounce upon my journal. After chewing the pen, his paws continually knocking my writing instrument out of hungry hands, he proceeds to lay himself, like the open book, that he so boldly is, in front of me. Taking the obvious hint, I stroked with one hand and wrote with the other. Purring contentedly, one feisty feline accepted love he knew to be due. No apologies. No excuses. "I am yours. Act now. Or, I am out of here. I have bugs to chase and spiders to eat. Lets lay together in the heat of one more Indian summer, before the next moment catches up with us". So I did.

This evening, after removing pussy fur from my pink hoodie, I visit the Internet cafe, to respond to emails and read words of praise upon a once blank page. News of a full moon meditation and further up-rising of the raw revolution, revs my rawk'n engine and raises my ever hopeful spirits. Reading about my art being compared to a bold, fresh Salvador Dali, emboldens me. Before soon, preparing to venture forth to pick Septembers sweetness off the vine and munch freshly picked purple grapes from a friendly neighbours well-lit front porch. As sweet as I eat, and so beautifully be, here I purringly am!

Katherine A. Marion

Sunday, August 26th, 2007

" I am Meth" and no friend am I!

My eleven year old homelearner and I read through the a copy of The Street, which I purchased from a homeless man, in front of Capers, earlier this eve. "Empowering The Homeless To Help Themselves" is the most worthy mission statement, emblazened across the front cover of this local newspaper. After reading David Suzuki's thought provoking column, Science Matters and how "Warming may change the nature of the food we eat", we read a story, written by a young Indian woman. After being released from prison, on drug charges, the writer and addict, died with a needle stuck in her arm. A single prophet poem:"I am Meth", lives on to tell a timeless story of her personal torment and how a deathly addiction can not only cause you to lie and steal from everyone you love, it also robs you of any self respect and morals you once had.

"Let's put it up on our wall!" my wee wonder heartily exclaims. I vow to make dozens of copies, and Kaelin promises to hand out one vital message, to every 'friend' that comes his beautiful way. I keep my Son innocent. Twelve and Thirteen year olds at the school grounds, are already discussing "Ecstasy", a popular drug. More than a few of the the pre-pubescent 'in crowd' have already tried the first of what will, sadly, not be the last of their involvement with this part of the sordid outside world. "What they don't know won't hurt them" is \an overused phrase I have heard far too many times in my longer than some ... life. I can honestly vouch for the sorry fact that "It is what I wasn't told that hurt me!" Why would I serve that injustice upon my impressionable child. It is only fair to speak the truth when the truth speaks to you!

So many beautiful young minds are never given a chance. Too much ignorance prevails. More than a handful of parents fail to 'do their job' and own their power. Responsibility lays ( never lies ) with those whom think they have their 'hands tied behind their back'. Maybe, it's simply their own fear looking back at them, in the scratched surface of a mirror, no longer clear, and a conscience no longer clean. Afterall, don't we owe it to the children of today, to allow them to grow up to be the role models of tomorrow? Then, first, we must do the same. Be the best we can be.Show the younger minds, feeding hungrily around you, that "No" can be a powerful word. And with every shake of another head, a heart allows itself to fill and be well fed. Allow yourself to be the candle that lights a new day. Thus, somehow, making up for one more 'lost child' who stumbled and lost her own precious way ...

Imprisoned no longer,

In loving memory - Katherine Marion

Wed, August 22nd, 2007

Two Little Piggies Go To Market ...

It doesn't matter that a small army of ants was nestling within the juicy sweetness of our locally grown fresh peaches. We don't mind sharing freshly picked, locally grown produce with other earth loving neighbour's. If the bugs are eat'n it, so am I! Besides, that's how you know the fruit is organic. No harmful sprays. No denatured food. Just sweet, juicy goodness, right from Costen, B.C. to our salivating mouth's ....

Check out for more delicious dirt on Klipper's Farm and Vancouver's weekly (almost every day of the week) Farmer's Markets.

Mad About Everything Made Dirty and Delicious - In B.C.,


Thurs, Aug 16th, 2007

A Mother's Moments

Kaelin sits at our refurbished teak table. Liberally dousing his vegan raw meal with celtic salt as he gazes upwards at melting beeswax. Dinner by candlight after an evening of playing tag with new friends. Mentally preparing for tomorrow's soccer practice. Literally spearing large chunks of dark green kale with a dinner fork. One hungry Angel illuminated by the loving light of evenings slow yawn.

Relaxing on my leopard print chaise lounge. Peering into the computer screen as words magically appear before my tired eyes. Fascinated by the sentences created by an active mind presenting choices made with loving heart. Slowly settly down after an impassioned telephone conversation. Placing my recently professionally massaged feet upwards for a brief refrain. Letting go of all to find beauty in another day.

Walking together through early evening mists. Sharing laughter in the refreshing delight of cleansing rain. Stopping to pet a miniature Coli on the way to purchase organic produce. Sneaking a taste of the most deliciously moist date. Remembering to pick up curry for a fresh batch of Kats Hot Flax Crax. Breathing in the intoxicating scent of pine trees along a deserted side road. Finding our way home as the moon hides for one more good night.

Together Always,

Saturday, July 28th, 2007

Life Is To Be Created

Saturday evening in Vancouver brings clear skies, fireworks, excited partigoers and promise of a new and everlasting tomorrow.

My own bright and beautiful shining Son builds his upcoming website as I upload "Healing My Mommy" onto . Under the open hearted alias of "RawsomeChef" - you will find me and mine.

I begin to cry as I view the glorious images of my once so vital and alive Mommy. I touch the illuminated screen. Hoping that just maybe my first love will come back to full fledged life. Wishing I could have done more to bring the first loving heartbeat that brought me into this wondrous world ... her well deserved own.

Knowing that 47 + years of joyful existence on this pure and precious planet was made more joyful because of a a most loving heart that brought so many extra to my own, helps to stabilize me, as I feel like falling ... Everything seems a little duller after her death. No sunset quite as multi-hued. No halo quite as obvious as that of an Earthly Angel I shall forever miss.

Filled With Gratitude,


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rawsome Offerings

Sitting with a full bladder, a dryer full of clothes ready for folding, and a Son eager to be hugged good nite, all I am able to now add to my page is my gratitude to one more Yummy Mummy. I was checking my rawsomechef/ account and I spotted the most glowing comsciousness raising comment from this thoughtful homeschooling Mommy with a ADHD Child. With the uploading of one more of my delicious video's, I have helped support another conscietous caregiver to make a deliciously divine difference in her happy homeschooler's health and healing.

Tonight, I shall sleep well remembering how little it takes to give ...

With Care and Consideration,


Friday, June 29th, 2007

Worth Remembering The magical music of one of my Mom's favourite Motown men, Marven Gaye, brings in the morning, as the songbirds begin to sing their sweet song.Plucking chives, basil, thyme, and tarragon from the garden, I see my Mother kneeling beside me, smiling, as she gently helps her loving eldest daughter bring in fresh herbs for todays salad. I miss her so very much. There are plentiful opportunity's that we are often never given, upon this great planet, to experience and share together. The many dreams I had of heaaling my beloved first love shall never come to fruition, upon this untimely plane.

"The Cat wants to come in. She's really cold" my compassionate soul of a Son imforms me. Walking over to the french doors of our pretty living room, he opens up the latch, to joyfully play with our neighbour's well taken care of pet. I stroke the warm fur of our new friend, Tiger, and listen to him purr with contentment. Regretfully, I all too soon leave one purring puss, to call up my Sister Carol, before she goes to work, at the hospital. "It's 6:00 a.m. in the morning. It's my day off!" I am quietly told. She tells me her Son, Owen has an appointment for his drivers license, today. We arrange to talk later, after she has slept. I may even do the same.

The incredible aroma, found floating in the air, after a rain, wafts in from the patio. My senses are brought fully to attention, as I breathe in the beauty of one more day to remember. Watching my adorable first born, in his element, making a home for his best furry pal, I smile with utter contentment. My tears has stopped for a brief eternity. I feel my beloved Mommy watching over me. Protected. Safe. Satisfied. I know gentleness is wherever my heart sends me. Life is full of miracles worth remembering, creating and dreaming of ... And, this is merely the beginning of a world where Heaven meets Earth and all those whom bestow their blessings are beyond blessed.

Angel of Light,


Friday, June 29th, 2007

Spirit's On The Move

Spirit Pacific Park at early morning. Eating fresh Salmon Berries off the vine. . Picking wild flowers from the friendly forest. Exclaiming with glee over giant wild multi-coloured mushrooms. Leaping across one more muddy trail. Swinging from a sturdy branch. Petting one more family dog.

Hoping to catch a glimpse of a gentle Deer or curious Coyote.Sharing the trail with happy hikers. Handing over a Huckleberry grown out of an old stump. Accepting the warmth of the enchanted woods. Glladly awakening to new and splendid wonders found within a green and mossy covered under-world.


Katherine Marion

Thursday, June 27th, 2007

Strawberry Fields Forever

I look out upon the tubbed strawberry plant I plunked down in the middle of the backyard, last night. Earlier, we patiently plucked off the remainder of her flowers, after reading the instructions, in front of a video surveillance camera, at the bank. She looks so content as she sits upon the green grass, close to the rosy peonies and pollen loving bees. Soon we shall receive a bounty of berries. Red and juicy. Ripe for the picking. "Springtime, Summer and Fall" we carefully read. We have seemingly missed one season, yet, there shall still be plenty to share.

As a young Girl, I picked strawberries in the fields, with my Sister's and Brother. We had so much fun and fed ourselves very well, Even making a few dollars to spend on corner store treats that filled our mouths with cavities and left our hearts open for more fun. Outdoors, under a real living sun, feeding us energy and endless life force. Soaking up love from Mother Earth's infinite supply. Living in the blessed moment. Knowing only of happiness. Full of hope. Bursting to the brim with joy as we sucked in the sweetness of every magical morsel. Planting one more seed with which to grow on ...

Your Sweet Heart,


June 2nd, 2007 - later

Gifts Of Love

I sit upon Chantelle's bed, wrapping presents for my pretty little Indian princess niece, Janine Angel, whom asks for nothing and deserves so much more ... Next, my 2 year young nephew, Kuchulain and Mommy, Roxanne's surprises. Finally, lovely Shawna's ( my baby sis Thelma's youngest daughter ) treats for her two month old sweetheart girl. I imagine my loved ones opening up the wrapping, and already, I can see the biggest smile upon their faces. The is my favourite part!

I know I would most love to be visiting with my beloved Mommy and presenting her with my 'usual' love offerings of fresh flowers, essential oils, vegan, live home prepared foods, Vega bars, and a deliciously loving massage. Mere tokens, bespeaking of my deepest feelings for a Woman I shall never again be able to visit, speak to, or touch. My heart melts and the tears begin, as I remember millions of magical moments shared with a heartbeat that I am so utterly grateful gave life to my own ...

After an intense leg workout at Prince George Fitness and a short chat with the loveliest attendant, Rochelle, whom has so thoughtfully allowed me to work through a lot of this week's grief, in the gym, I prepare to pack up my belongings. We leave for Vancouver, at noon, tomorrow. Driving safely, under a warm and giving sun, and spreading our heart's happiness to all those whom we are so blessed to magically meet, on one more joyous journey ...

Making Love And Creating The Sweetest Dreams,


June 2nd, 2007 - early

Awakening To My Mommy

My first thoughts of the day are of of my Mommy. She is a part of me. Saturating my being. The pure essence of her fills me to the brim. Touched by one wondrous Woman's love and tenderness. I feel her everywhere. I see her brown eyes look upon me. I smile in gratitude for the greatest gift this daughter could ever have received. Constant, enduring, all em compassing Love.



Friday, June 1st, 2007

After The Funeral Home

A beautiful day for a funeral. Skylights overhead. An open casket I choose not to look upon. Expensive bouquet's of flowers and freshly cut lilacs. A lovely female Reverend. Sunlight streaming in ... Seeing many family member choke up and begin to sob as I read my moving eulogy. Everyone finally coming together to hold hands.

A wealthy Aunt with a closed heart and a very large bank account. Fancy hairdo worn by my Sister with the successful beauty salon and day spa. A couple of Cousins I once spent joyous childhood summer's with, hardly acknowledging me, my beloved Mommy or my only Son. A candle lit for the Woman I shall always love more than any other. A compassionate hug and reassurance given to my only Brother, whom often panhandles on the street.

My nephew's delightful story of his Grandma whom " ... always smiled when I came to visit." Elvis singing "Amazing Grace". My new poem to Mom written on the inside pages of the pretty program. Beautiful images captured by Thelma's eldest, tastefully displayed for all to view. Newborn baby K sitting in the front seat with my lovely doe eyed niece. Diapers, tears and a moving and intimate ceremony.

As I sit atop Chantelle's bed, Kaelin prepares late night tea, with his overnight visitor, cousin Janine Angel. Deciding to fully enjoy my private time, I munch on the most delicious vegan, raw bar I once gave to my Mother, in one more loving 'care package'. I look upon over a dozen of my love letters sent to her, since her September 7th birthday. Soon, I shall pull Mom's favourite flannelet nightie over my tired head. To pray for earthly Angels, aspiring to be half of what mine already is and forever shall be!

Lonely in Prince George,


Friday, June 1st, 2007

My Mother's Funeral

I shall never celebrate this dismal day with strangers, called 'family'. Paid out of public trustee funds. A cremation and a cheap urn costs less than a fancy mahogany slice of old growth forest. Both her parents were carefully placed in matching plots in a cemetery in Quesnel. Yet, my sister C decided three years ( "two years, I think it was", says sister J ) ago, when I last miraculously saved my Mommy's life, to book the funeral home. Never know when a death might conveniently occur!

"I know. I know. I messed up", sister J admits for the first time in a lifetime of accepting no responsibility for her actions. "I got married in First United " she further adds. Mom never attended church. Although, I do remember creating a masterpiece out of dried peas and beans, in Sunday School. "Well, why didn't you ask me, the eldest? Why am I the one that is only called in at the last minute,to create miracles, and nobody bothers to even speak with me to discuss important details? , I implore my sister. Later, sobbing, in my dearly departed Mom's lavender nightie, I feel so badly, the fresh cut of a pain that shall never truly heal. Knowing that I let my first love down.

Neglected. Abused. I don't care anymore, about hiding the ugly face of a family that hides behind money and painted nails, that cut so deep my own flesh is burning. And, our poor forgotten brother? He roams the lonely streets of Prince George, mis-creating his own darkness after sister J took his daughter away and threw him in jail. Although, let's remember, she told him she would buy F some new clothes for Mom's funeral. Oh, and I was just notified "We bought Mom a nice outfit". What? I hoped it was in a pretty pastel, the colours she really liked. It wasn't remembered. Oh well, as long as we all put on a pretty picture. The life has already been literally sucked out of her. Might as well curl her medically induced prematurely grey hair and pass out on more pretty announcement, xeroxed for pennies, from Staples.

Yesterday, I wrote the most heart rendering eulogy. Otherwise, I had no intention of attending this farce, at all. Is my family finally coming to their senses? No. Not at all. Simply wanting the family writer to paint a pretty picture for all to see and believe. I hope they are deathly afraid. They should be. I might just have a surprise or ten, up my silken sleeve. Cause my heart hurts so much after the lies and dissension I have witnessed, that whatever I wrote would be justified. Too bad I am better than that ,,, and them. Instead, I have allowed liquid love to pour forth from my precious pen and torn open heart. A tribute to an amazing Mother and the bravest soul I have ever had the privilege to call my sacred own.



Saturday, May 19th, 2007

Going Squirrely

Absolutely hilarious! Kaelin and I are watching the funniest home video; of a bushy tailed squirrel that came to visit us. I told my Son to "take him for a walk" after adding, "he doesn't really know the name 'squirrel' ". Telling my excited Son to keep his nuts safely away ... and close the door behind the quickly scampering creature.

I remember how hesitant I was after that wild incident to even sunbathe on my deck, just in case the hungry 'rodent with a tail' decided to take a bite out of some delectable part of me. What a riot!

We have been downloading video's for Kaelin's site: and are having so much fun. Just yesterday, Kaelin's "The Art Of Puking" received 204 views and beat out ( not my usual recommendation ) at 118 views. This is incredible! And, even today, my bright and brilliant Boy is basking in the well deserved afterglow of another 80 views. Since he is listed under "comedian" and "entertainment", he has surpassed his Supernatural Momma. For I am merely a straight-laced rawsome chef!

Well, Kaelin has just delivered his latest concoction. Organic, raw cocoa nibs mixed with almonds ( soaked for 12 hours and rinsed - to remove the digestive inhibitor's ) and fresh, creamy, smooth honey. My oh my, if you could only take a bite out of my tasty life ...

Decadently Yours,



Who knows, maybe we will actually make a real video one day. In the not so meantime, we certainly are enjoying ourselves and laughing all the way through continual learning curves that keep getting more and more interesting ...

Friday, May 18th, 2007

Boy At A Bus Stop

Living in our safe little neighbourhood for the past 2 years and 3 month ( not that anyone's counting ) has been a real eye opener. Blessed to watch my sweet Son blossom into a beautiful young Man, I am privy to sights I would much rather not see. Multitudes of huge, fancy houses line the streets of Marpole and there seems to be just as many 'latch key kids'. Two parent working families to pay off the over sized mortgage and nary a healthy role model or mentor in sight ...

Today, I spoke to the not so little 12 year old boy who lives down the lane. Wearing brand new shiny 'pimp clothing' that hasn't yet seen a day or a struggle on the basketball courts. Courting disaster. Looking everywhere, except into my eyes. Saying to one concerned Mom, "Nice Puma's. Must have been expensive.", as he gazes almost enviously at my feet. Watching cars racing by, until his non purchasing buddy slows down to pick him up, so they can 'pick up' a few more pieces of trendy clothing, with 'no money down'. I tell you, it's not even safe to walk the streets of upper Granville on a sunny Friday afternoon, for fear of young juvenile delinquents in the making ...

I still remember asking the 'trouble maker' and once upon a not so troubled time - 'friend' of my innocent Son, "What's more important - money or love?" Diverting he gaze, he looked away from my seeing eyes, finally to admit, "Love". I further asked the sad little soul, "Why is love more important than money?" His last words were "Love makes you happy!". Next thing I knew, he had darted out of sight with his expensive and hardly worn fancy white sneakers and I neither his Father, nor I, or anyone that cares, has seen him since.

To all the 'lost boys' who think it's cool to steal, lie, smoke, and take drugs, I wish you to find the love you once felt for so much and so many. Looking outside shall never compensate for what is hurting deep inside ... Slow down and enjoy your pure and precious Childhood. Life is already so fleeting. This is the only moment that counts. And it is all and only yours!

Bless you M.

From one more hurting heart,

Love Katherine

Thursday, May 17th, 2007

A Walk In The Light

I have been asking the universe to support my evolution and spiritual growth by offering me solutions, in the most gentlest of manner and wondrous way. Must be why I met Katherine and Rebecka upon this sunlit day!

My wee soul mate and I walked through a meadow of Springtime flowers and were filled with sunshine and smiles. It was when I stopped to photograph my wondrous Boy on a gravel path through Queen Anne's Lace that it all happened ... Two lovely ladies filled our life with grace.

Katherine and Rebecka had just finished completing their Prana Yoga teaching certification and were strolling in Nature and discussing their dreams and desires. Next thing you know, I am alongside my Son; kissing his smooth and precious cheek. My very own memento offered to me by a lovely Angel offering to take a picture of a loving Mom and her Son. Gift accepted.

Kaelin begins to play portable magnetic chess on the railway ties and I offer my email address.We bid farewell and head off towards the local organic grocer. After eating fresh strawberries and buying enough greens and almonds for a couple of days, we leave the market, to lo and behold, meet our two new friends, once again ...

Immediately, I am invited by lovely young Rebecka to "come and visit" her on the Island. What a beautiful gesture. Gratefully we accept and Kaelin rides the outdoor horsey, for a quarter. After he jumps off and begins to open the raw pumpkin seed butter, while munching on a Gala apple, we speak of community gardens and the power of intention.

Sweet Yogini remarks on the importance of "staying in the flow" and we reflect on maintaining personal integrity. Money is a vital component in today's flourishing economy, yet, if our spiritual landscape is left barren, all else does soon die. For if we are to truly live forever, we must follow the beat of our own happy heartbeat and do what we know to be best for us and ours.

Now, I stop merely for a moment to briefly exclaim over one more piercing pain that quickly shoots through the left side of my amazing and overworked brain. I look upon the computer screen that fills up with the words I begin to paint as a picture before unseen. Realizing as never before, that I must really slow down to smell the pretty posies and be guided into healing yogic poses. For I can honestly acknowledge that my life depends upon it. And all that is left to do is listen ...

Being As I Am Authentically Meant To Be,



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